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Cutie & The Flea is a 1991 animated film by Bisney Pictures.


  • Cutie - A pink feisty, independent, but also kind when She chooses to cat who is often singing or breaking the 4th wall.
  • The Flea - A giant flea.
  • Gustavo - A chestnut brown wolf.
  • Ludwig - A talking pigeon toy.
  • Clockers - A Fox inside a clock toy who used to be a fox with a literal clock on his neck.
  • Ollie - A pig.
  • Mrs. Possum - A stuffed possum toy.
  • Skip - Mrs. Possum’s Son.
  • Martin - A yellow and orange striped cat who is Cutie’s dad.
  • Gigi - A dove toy.
  • Lulu - A sheep face on a wardrope.
  • The Poodles - Three female poodles who have a crush on Gustavo (a pink one, a black one, and a yellow one).
  • Hot Rod - A racecar-dog hybrid toy.

Voice Cast

  • Bernadette Peters as Cutie
  • Kelsey Grammer as The Flea
  • Christopher Lloyd as Gustavo
    • Jim Cummings as Gustavo’s Singing Voice
  • Christopher Plummer as Ludwig
  • Ian McKellan as Clockers
  • Hank Azaria as Ollie
  • Susan Boyd as Mrs. Possum
  • Debi Derryberry as Skip
  • Tom Bosley as Martin
  • Kath Soucie as Gigi and Poodle #1
  • Karen Hartman as Lulu
  • Adrienne Alexander as Poodles #2 and #3
  • Frank Welker as Hot Rod and Cutie’s Hisses
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Napoleon Bonaparte


  1. Cutie - Chorus
  2. I’m Nobody’s Servant - Cutie
  3. Just Relax - The Toys
  4. Gustavo - Gustavo, Ollie, and Animals
  5. Who I Want to Be - Cutie
  6. When The Time is Right - Cutie & The Flea
  7. In Love with A Giant Flea - Cutie


  • Cutie resembles Rouge from Disney’s Palace Pets franchise, except for the red bow, earrings, dress, and the fact that She’s anthropomorphic.

Sequel and TV Series

In 1996, there was a sequel called A Cutie & The Flea Christmas, which was the first Bisney sequel.

In 1997, there was a short lived series called Cutie & The Flea: The Series, which only had 4 22-minute episodes.