After a strange encounter, Candice bumps into Sandra Woll, (Guest Star Emma Roberts) a girl she went to school with. She learns of strange happenings since she left.


In a flashback, Candice and Dan are at the park when they see John White. She tells him to go on and walks to John. She asks what he wants rudely. He says he's missed her and she quiets him, telling him he needs to leave her alone. Candice wakes up, gasping.

Adam asks if Marnie's seen Parker. She says no, asking where he could be. He shrugs and asks her to look with him.

At a bar, Candice bumps into Sandra Woll, a girl she went to school with. The two talk as they drink and Sandra asks if she's had strange occurences. Candice says a woman was in her room last night and Sandra questions why. Candice says she said something about trouble coming to the island. "What kind of trouble?" Sandra questions. Candice doesn't know. The two continue to drink and discuss everything, not seeing the killer look through the window.

Axel and Jessica are talking. He promises to stop taking pills and dumps them down the toilet, flushing them. She smiles at him, not seeing the stash under his pillows.

Marnie and Adam are lost in the woods. Adam says he doesn't really care for Parker's whereabouts. "I wanted to be alone... with you." Marnie scoffs, saying he could of said something. She then asks if he'll go on a date when they get back to the resort.

In the parking lot, Sandra walks to her car. She sees her car has been scratched and questions what it is from. She then sees the reflection of the sickle and killer behind her. She screams as he punches her down. She quickly runs to the woods.

As it gets darker, Marnie and Adam keep walking through the woods. She trips, cutting her arm. Adam asks if she's okay. She nods, turning on her back and looking at what she tripped over and screams, seeing Parker's body.

Sandra runs through the woods, fleeing the killer. She hears Marnie's screams and runs to them. As she runs into a clearing and sees Adam and Marnie, she is about to call for help when the killer throws her back. Adam pulls Marnie up and they run. Sandra cries out as the killer grabs the sickle from the tree. Sandra punches him back and runs past him but the killer swings the tool, cutting her stomach deeply. Her guts pour out and she falls.


Main Cast

  • Laura Marano as Candice Washington
  • Sara Paxton as Marnie Bleu
  • Ansel Elgort as Frankie Alexander
  • Austin Abrams as Axel Gustin
  • Marielle Jaffe as Jessica Gustin
  • Chord Overstreet as Adam Harris
  • Monique Coleman as Sasha Nixon
  • Jessica Lange as Marie Thomas (Absent)

Guest Cast

  • Mark Wahlberg as John White (Flashbacks)
  • Khylin Rhambo as Shane
  • Emma Roberts as Sandra Woll
  • CJ Adams as Dan Washington (Flashbacks)


  • Sandra Woll - Stomach cut open with sickle.
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