Curse of The Werecat, is a supernatural comedy horror film Directed By Steve Beck Warner Bros and Village Roadshow Pictures


A beautiful woman is now transforming into a werecat.



Transformation on Taylor's Body and Screams

Hands Get Stretch and Fingernails Pull Apart

Feet Get Stretch and Toenails Pull Apart

Back Spine Popped

Her Ass Tail Grew Getting Hairer

Ears Grew

Cat Muzzle and Vocalchords Change


Jody Williams- She Got Killed By Werecat She Eats Her Heart

Tyson Van Pelt- He Got Killed By Werecat She Attack Werecat This Scene is a Jack Goodman Dead From American Werewolf in London

Mickey Freeman- She Got Killed By Werecat She Eats Her Foot

Bobby Reeves- She Got Eat By Werecat on His Stomach

Jade Thompson- She Got Killed By Werecat She Eats Her Ankle

Joey Jenkins- She Got Killed By Werecat She Eats Her Knee and Chest

Nick Harris- He Got Killed By Werecat At Subway Escalator and She Attacked Him

Officer Jim Shershaw- He Got Killed by Werecat She Eats Jim's Head off

Werecat- She Got Killed By Boys With Guns Because Taylor Died


Tyler Williams, Max Freeman, Timmy Jordan, Quinn Jenkins, Jack Thompson and Brad Harris


Rated PG, Mild Horror Violence and Gore under for children


Peyton List will have a Hairy on Nude for Blonde
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