Curse Is A 2013 Supernatural Horror Film Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Ed Westwick, Aly Michalka, Steven R. McQueen, Logan Lerman, Jodelle Ferland, Daveigh Chase, Derek Mears and Judith Roberts.


6 college friends stay in a cabin in the woods and Tyler opens a book that contains a curse that summons zombies to come to life.


It starts off in 2005, with Carrie Donaldson (Jodelle Ferland) and her sister, Wendy (Daveigh Chase) and their dad, Robert (Derek Mears) and their grandmother Shelly (Judith Roberts) stay in the cabin they rented. Carrie and Wendy find a book in the cellar. The book says not to read it and they do. Carrie and Wendy hear her grandmother scream and see her being devoured by zombies and their dad tells them to go upstairs. He tries to fight them but a zombie bites his neck and he dies. Carrie and Wendy hear footsteps and they stop. Wendy gets up and a chain comes through the window, it wraps around her neck and she is pulled out the window and Carrie screams. A zombie comes in and Carrie is bitten in her mouth and she screams.

It then shows in 2013, Lily (Scout Taylor-Compton) is packing her stuff along with her boyfriend Dean (Ed Westwick) and her best friend Olivia (Aly Michalka) and they leave in Dean's car along with Dean's best friends Tyler (Steven R. McQueen) and Michael (Logan Lerman) go to a cabin in the woods (the same one the Donaldson family went to) and settle their stuff down. They have a party and Olivia gets drunk and starts to take her shirt off but Lily stops her. Olivia looks at Michael and they go to their room and have sex. While Lily and Dean make out and Tyler goes down to the cellar and finds the same book Carrie and Wendy read and he reads the book. Tyler then closes the book and goes upstairs. A zombies hand comes out from the ground and Michael goes outside to walk around the woods and hears footsteps and turns around and a zombie attacks him.

Olivia then asks where Michael is and Lily says that he left a few minutes ago and Lily goes to find him with Olivia, they walk through the woods and they found Michael dead and the zombie is standing looking at them and Lily and Olivia scream and Olivia runs. Lily then looks at the zombie and Olivia grabs her arm and they run. They run into the cabin and Dean and Michael ask what's wrong and Olivia says that Michael is dead and that something killed him and they see Lily just standing and staring. Olivia shakes her and says snap out of it and Lily says when she looked into its eyes she saw darkness and evil and that its not human and its dead, Tyler says that he read a book about them and that its downstairs and it says to not to read it. Lily tells him that he let them out and now its coming after them.

A zombie then comes into the house and attacks Olivia and Dean beats him with his baseball bat and it dies. It then gets back up and Lily then grabs a knife and stabs it in its forehead and it dies. They then surround the whole house by moving stuff everywhere so that way they can't get in, Lily says that it won't work if they do that and Olivia tells her what happened to you, Lily tells Olivia that she doesn't know and that they will get in here because Tyler opened that book and that they know how to get in here. Dean asks her whats wrong with her. Lily then goes to her room and goes to sleep. Dean comes in and she tells them that they have to stop this and they go back to the living room and Olivia says that they have to get out of here and Lily says they can't cause they're still here and that they will come back. Olivia looks out the window and sees them standing in front of the house and closes the curtains.

Lily finds out that a family was here before them and that they died here when the two daughters read the book and now the curse is brought back again when Tyler read the book and that they're next to die. Tyler tries to burn the book but Lily tells him that it won't work and that they won't leave until they're all dead. Olivia says that its bullshit and Lily says she can call it whatever she wants but its true and they wait. They hear footsteps upstairs and they go to check and Dean is cut in half with an axe by a zombie. Lily then stabs it in his forehead and it rips the knife out and Tyler shoots it in its head with a shotgun that he found in the cellar. Lily, Olivia and Tyler run back downstairs and they found zombies coming inside the cabin and Tyler starts shooting them and they run to the cellar and lock it.

Tyler asks Lily how do they end it and she says that she told them only one of them can live and he says that they can't die and Lily says that two of them have to die and only one can live. A zombie breaks the cellar door with an axe and it stabs Tyler in its head with the axe and Olivia shoots it in its head with the shotgun. Lily and Olivia then see more zombies coming to the cellar and they escape out a window and they are separated when a zombie tries to kill them both. Lily runs into the woods and trips and rolls into a tunnel of sticks. Olivia is running into the woods also and thinks that she sees Lily she taps her shoulder and it turns out to be a zombie and she runs into a shack. Olivia starts crying and a hand comes through the wall, she starts screaming and it pulls her through the wall and eats her.

It then goes to the tunnel Lily went into and she comes out and goes back to the cabin. Lily then finds no zombies and the bodies of her friends gone, she screams for Olivia but can't find her and she grabs the axe one of the zombies had and goes to search the whole entire cabin and she finds Olivia dead and a zombie pops out and tries to kill her but she decapitates it and starts crying sliding down the wall and a female zombie comes into the room and she stabs it in its head and runs. Lily then runs out of the room and she sees another zombie but a male and sets it on fire with a match and more zombies come and she lits another match and burns the cabin including the book. Lily looks at the cabin burning and drives away.

Another group of teens come to the cabin and we see the cabin not burnt and the book not burnt. Revealing that they will be victims too and it will keep going, the screen goes black and we hear screaming.


Scout Taylor-Compton as Lily

Ed Westwick as Dean

Aly Michalka as Olivia

Steven R. McQueen as Tyler

Logan Lerman as Michael

Jodelle Ferland as Carrie Donaldson

Daveigh Chase as Wendy Donaldson

Derek Mears as Robert Donaldson

Judith Roberts as Grandma Shelly Donaldson


Grandma Shelly Donaldson- Devoured by zombies

Robert Donaldson- Bitten in neck by a zombie

Wendy Donaldson- Chain wrapped around neck and pulled out a window by a zombie

Carrie Donaldson- Bitten in mouth by a zombie

Michael- A zombie attacks him

Dean- Cut in half with an axe by a zombie

Tyler- Stabbed in head with axe

Olivia- A zombie's hand comes through the wall and pulls her into the wall and eat her




There will be a sequel and it will star Rooney Mara, Bobby Campo, Chris Zylka, Blake Lively and Jessica Lucas.

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