Cujo is a 2013 horror film and remake of the 1983 stephen king horror movie. It stars Jennifer Aniston, Mason Cook, Jason Bateman, Kevin Bacon, Matt Lanter, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Zachary Gordon and Richard Dreyfuss.

The film is made by Warner Bros. Pictures and Ghost House Pictures.

It is directed by Steven C. Miller and written by Kevin Willianson.

It is nominated for a Saturn Award For Best Horror Film.


a saint bernard named cujo gets bitten by a rabid racoon, kills his owner and other people along the owner's child and wife, and traps an innocent young mother and her young son in a car after it breaks down, and torments them as they're suffocating inside.


Jennifer aniston as Donna Trenton

Jason Bateman as Vic Trenton

Matt Lanter as Steve Kemp

Kevin Bacon as Joe Camber

Neve Campbell as Charity Camber

Matthew Lillard as Gary Pervier

Mason Cook as Tad Trenton

Zachary Gordon as Brett Camber

Richard Dreyfuss as Police Officer


Brett Camber- Throat torn out by Cujo

Steve Kemp- Mauled to death by Cujo

Charity Camber- Died of a broken heart

Gary Pervier- Stomach eaten out by Cujo

Joe Camber- Foot sliced by broken glass, head bitten off by Cujo

Police Officer- Leg bitten off by Cujo, impaled on discarded scythe

Cujo- Impaled on broken baseball bat

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