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Crystal Universe 7 is a 2022 action comedy adventure film starring Hailee Steinfeld, David Kaye, Josh Hutcherson, Donnie Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Ali Larter and Julianne Moore.


Years after the last film, a new group of strange people with supernatual powers that are threatening to scare people of New York. Trisha Harvert must stop them before it is too late.


The movie opens with


  • Hailee Steinfeld as Trisha Harvert
  • David Kaye as the voice of Dez
  • Josh Hutcherson as Kyle Harvert
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Eric Harvert
  • Nicola Peltz as Caitlin Reese
  • Ali Larter as Karen Harvert 
  • Julianne Moore as Yesenia Albertson/Monica's mother, Caitlin and Sara's grandmother and a new villian
    • Eva Green as Young Yesenia Albertson (age 30)
  • Max Charles as Jamie Harvert
  • Vince Vaughn as Matthew Harvert
  • Andrew Garfield as Danny Thompson
  • Saoirse Ronan as Cami Warren
  • Zoey Deutch as Heather Morgan
  • Imogen Poots as Carrie Rupert
  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Janet Williams
  • India Eisley as Erica Robertson
  • Mackenzie Foy as Sara Reese/Caitlin's sister
  • Rachel McAdams as Monica Reese/Caitlin and Sara's mother
    • Breanna Yde as Young Monica Albertson (age 12)
  • Ansel Elgort as Jack Martin/A friend of Trisha
  • Vanessa Marano as April Sheldon/A friend of Trisha and Jack's secret lover
  • Hugh Laurie as Marcus Randall/April's uncle and is unknown about his niece dating Jack in secret
  • Emma Bell as Jade Tyler/A friend of Trisha
  • Alicia Virgil as Shelia Louis/A friend of Trisha
  • Jeremy Renner as Samuel Washington/Works for Yesenia and is good friends with Monica
    • TBA as Young Samuel Washington
  • Isla Fisher as Fiona Crockett/Works for Yesenia and is good friends with Monica
    • Eve Hewson as Young Fiona Crocket


The Opening Scene

  • Word: 15 years ago
  • (Screen shows Monica's 12th birthday party)
  • (Young Yesenia walks in)
  • Young Yesenia: No, no, no, no. That's not right!
  • Young Samuel: What you wanted, Miss Albertson?
  • Young Yesenia: I wants everything to be perfect for my Monica's birthday!
  • Young Samuel: Monica is not a teenager yet, Miss Albertson.
  • Young Yesenia: I know that, Samuel. I don't wants to make a same mistake in her last birthday.
  • Young Fiona: Miss Albertson, we helps you to make your daughter's birthday perfect.
  • Young Yesenia: Thank you.
  • Young Samuel: OK, where's the cake?
  • Cook: Here's the cake!
  • (Cook brings Monica's birthday cake)
  • Cook: I put strawberries on Monica's birthday cake. She will love strawberries.
  • Young Yesenia: Now, where's that birthday girl?
  • Young Fiona: In her room with her hamster I brought for her..
  • (Young Yesenia walk upstairs)
  • (Scene cuts when Young Yesenia walk to Monica's room)
  • (Young Monica cries)
  • Young Yesenia: Monica?
  • (Young Yesenia open big door)
  • (Young Monica cries)
  • Young Yesenia: Monica, what's wrong, sweetheart?
  • (Young Monica sniff)
  • Young Monica: I killed my hamster.
  • (Young Yesenia saw Young Monica hold her dead hamster with broken neck in shocked face)
  • (Young Monica cries)
  • (Young Yesenia in shocked face)
  • Young Monica: Fiona will be so upset.
  • (Young Monica look at Yesenia in sad face)
  • Young Monica: Help me, Mommy. Use your power.
  • Young Yesenia: OK, it will help your hamster.
  • (Young Monica sniffs)
  • Young Monica: Thank you.
  • (Young Yesenia grabs Monica's dead hamster)

Trisha meets Caitlin Reese at her birthday party

  • (Trisha drink 7up)
  • (Trisha sighs)
  • Caitlin: Happy birthday.
  • (Caitlin give Trisha her gift)
  • Trisha: Thank you.
  • (Trisha open Caitlin's gift)
  • Trisha: A watch?
  • Caitlin: Turn it.
  • Trisha: What?
  • (Caitlin points the watch)
  • (Trisha turn the watch)
  • (Blue light growns)
  • Weatherman (on the watch): Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Weatherman (on the watch): Today, New York City will have a bright sunny day.
  • Weatherman (on the watch): No rain all day, just sun, sun and SUN...
  • (Trisha turn the watch off)
  • Trisha: I never seen that watch before.
  • Caitlin: My friend made it, well, I asked him.
  • Caltlin: I'm not very good of making things.
  • Trisha: Thank you.
  • Trisha: So, who are you?
  • Caltlin: My name is Caltlin.
  • Trisha: Very wired going to somebody's party who you don't know.
  • Caltlin: I had a sister who's friend with your brother, Jamie.
  • Trisha: He got a girlfriend who used to bully him.
  • Caltlin: That's very wired, dating a bully.
  • Trisha: Janet's not a bad person.

Telekinetic people taking over the world with telekinetic powers


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  • 127 minutes long.