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Crystal Universe 5 is a 2020 science-fiction action comedy adventure film starring


When a new digital world is made for people for talking, playing and lots of thing, people can do and also it is fun. Trisha Harvert found out about this digital world is very dangerous but something is wrong, but what?


The movie opens with


  • Hailee Steinfeld as Trisha Harvert
  • David Kaye as the voice of Dez
  • Dylan McDermott as Detective Bobby Hawke/A tough detective who try to stop Trisha's plan
  • Andrew Garfield as Danny Thompson
  • Josh Hutcherson as Kyle Harvert
  • Imogen Poots as Carrie Rupert
  • Saoirse Ronan as Cami Warren
  • Zoey Deutch as Heather Morgan
  • Max Charles as Jamie Harvert
  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Janet Williams
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Eric Harvert
  • Ali Larter as Karen Harvert
  • Jason Bateman as Phil Rupert
  • Gillian Anderson as Olivia Rupert/Carrie's mother and Phil's ex-wife


The Opening Scene

Trisha found out she been set up

  • Trisha: OK, OK, OK.
  • Dez (voice): Are you OK, Trisha?
  • Trisha: No, that weird cop is looking at me.
  • Dez (voice): Let me see.
  • (Bobby's face on the computer)
  • Dez: He is weird and ugly.
  • Dez: U-G-L-Y.
  • (Trisha smile)
  • Bobby: What's your name?
  • Trisha: Carol Johnson.
  • Bobby: You are bit different as Carol Johnson.
  • Trisha: It's my body and my look.
  • Dez (sing): Never say never again.
  • Woman #1: Follow me.
  • (Everbody walk and Trisha put the blue talktalk ear in the bin)
  • (Bobby look at Trisha)
  • Bobby: Trisha Harvert, 18 years old.
  • Bobby: She is planning to get the digital world off.
  • Bobby: I got a plan and found her group who helped her.
  • (Bin open)
  • Dez (voice and sing): WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!
  • Dez (voice and sing): WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!
  • (Dez sing and scream)
  • (Bin close)
  • (Bin open)
  • (A woman pick up the talktalk ear)
  • (Everbody look at the woman)
  • A woman (voice): I hate dogs.
  • (Screen black)
  • (Trisha and Bobby walk)
  • Trisha: Wowa.
  • (Trisha look at Bobby)
  • Trisha: I got boyfriend.
  • Bobby: Why are you telling me this?
  • Trisha: No idea, why?
  • Bobby: I know you are not Carol Johnson, you are Trisha Harvert.
  • Trisha: Oh no.
  • Bobby: Detective Eric Harvert's daughter.
  • Trisha: Stay away from my family!
  • Bobby: Stay away from the digital world.
  • Woman: Dr Johnson.
  • Trisha: That's me.
  • (Trisha look at the front)
  • Kyle: Let's go, now!
  • Danny: OK, what about you, Dez?
  • Dez (voice and sing): Juliet, Juliet, love you and will you stay!
  • Kyle: Leave him alone.
  • Dez (voice and sing): JULIEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trisha told Kyle, Bobby seduce Carrie with a kiss and Bobby made surpises to see Trisha, Kyle and Danny

  • Kyle: HE DID WHAT?!?!?!?!
  • Trisha: He kissed Carrie, I mean he seduce her with a kiss.
  • Trisha: Not Carrie, kissed Detective Hawke back.
  • Kyle: Detective Hawke!!!!
  • Trisha: Bobby Hawke, he only did this to make me look like an idiot.
  • Kyle: I'm going to kill him!
  • Trisha: Wait.
  • Trisha: Bobby is targeting me. I don't want you to be target by Bobby as well.
  • Trisha: I'm scared. He keeps following me like a stalker.
  • Danny: Who's your stalker?
  • Trisha: Detective Bobby Hawke is the one....
  • Kyle: Who kissed my girlfriend....
  • Trisha: And is targeting me.
  • Danny: What?
  • Danny: I'M GOING TO GET HIM!
  • (Bobby open the door)
  • (Danny and Kyle push Trisha)
  • Bobby: Kyle Harvert and Danny Thompson.
  • Bobby: Where's Trisha?
  • Danny: Not here.
  • Kyle: Why?
  • Danny: Who is Trisha?

Bobby chase Trisha and Kyle

  • Kyle: OK, now what?
  • (Door open)
  • Trisha: Hide.
  • (Trisha and Kyle hide)
  • (Bobby walk)
  • Kyle: That's a chicken wing.
  • Trisha: How do you know?
  • Kyle: I was looking at it when you were not looking.
  • (Bobby feed the food to his dog)
  • Bobby: Max. Max.
  • Kyle: Who the hell is Max?
  • Trisha: His dog, stupid.
  • Kyle: Sorry.
  • Trisha: Jackass.
  • Kyle: Can I be the dog?
  • Trisha: No.
  • Trisha: Shut up, Kyle.
  • (Bobby look at when Trisha and Kyle hide)
  • Trisha: Kyle, shut up and be quiet.
  • Kyle: Look.
  • Trisha: Great, nice one, Kyle.
  • Kyle (as Trisha): "Nice one, Kyle."

Bobby shot Kyle in the leg

  • Bobby: Highest number.
  • Bobby: If you lose, you get shot.
  • Trisha: 20,000.
  • Kyle: 1000,0000.
  • Trisha: What?
  • Kyle: 1000,0000.
  • Trisha: I don't think that's a number.
  • Kyle: OK, 10.
  • Trisha: Wrong move.
  • Kyle: Oops.
  • (Bobby shot Kyle in the leg)
  • (Kyle scream)
  • Bobby: Trisha, 1, Kyle 0.
  • Kyle: Well done.
  • Kyle: You little jackass.
  • Bobby: Shut up.
  • Kyle: Yeah... Stupid idiot.
  • Kyle: Trisha.
  • Trisha: What?
  • Kyle (to Trisha): Tell him he's a big fat godzilla.
  • Trisha: I think he'll hear you.
  • Bobby: Trisha's right. I heard what you said.
  • Kyle: What?
  • Bobby: Big fat godzilla.
  • Kyle: Oops.
  • (Bobby shot Kyle in the feet and scream)
  • Bobby: Trisha, 2, Kyle 0.
  • Kyle: I hate losing.
  • Trisha: And I love winning.
  • Trisha: I'm just getting good luck.
  • Kyle: I'm getting bad luck.

Bobby kidnapped Trisha and Dez

  • (Dez and Trisha walk)
  • Dez: Trisha.
  • Trisha: What?
  • Dez: Your plan.
  • Trisha: Crazy jackass stop me from having more time.
  • Dez: Where's the real Trisha who likes having more time?
  • Trisha: She's dead, she's gone.
  • Trisha: Stupid Bobby ruin my time.
  • (Music: Gangnam Style)
  • (Kids dance)
  • Trisha: Oh, my God.
  • Trisha: Why are they dance with the stupid music?
  • Dez: Be right back.
  • (Trisha groan)
  • (Dez walk)
  • (Dez growl and run)
  • (The kids run)

The ride of pipeline

  • (Door open)
  • Dez: Wowa!
  • Trisha: The pipeline.
  • Dez: Cool!
  • Bobby: Yeah, Cool.
  • (Trisha walk)
  • (Dez and Bobby walk)
  • Dez: He's taking us to that weird line.
  • Bobby: It is not a weird line, Dez, it is the pipeline.
  • Trisha: The Pipeline?
  • Dez: Have you seen The Worid Is Not Enough?
  • Trisha: What?
  • Dez: Bobby's favourite film.
  • Bobby: I have not seen it.
  • Dez: What?
  • Dez: Weird.

Bobby locked Danny in the panic room