Crysyal Universe 4 is a 2019 science-fiction action comedy adventue film, starring


After having a strange dream about a woman, Trisha and her friends try to figure out who that woman before a crystal monster gets her.


The movie opens with


  • Hailee Steinfeld as Trisha Harvert/Helen Duncan
  • David Kaye as the voice of Dez
  • Claire Danes as Vivian Weatherstone/The strange woman Trisha dreamed about
  • Javier Bardem as Roark/A crystal monster who is after Vivian
  • Andrew Garfield as Danny Thompson
  • Josh Hutcherson as Kyle Harvert
  • Imogen Poots as Carrie Rupert
  • Saoirse Ronan as Cami Warren
  • Zoey Deutch as Heather Morgan
  • Max Charles as Jamie Harvert
  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Janet Williams
  • Lucy Hutchinson as Melody Weatherstone/Vivian's daughter who has feelings for Jamie
  • Sam Worthington as Sam Hardy/A ex-FBI agent who is Melody's father and Vivian's ex-lover
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Eric Harvert
  • Ali Larter as Karen Harvert
  • Robbie Amell as Dylan Harvert/Trisha's 20 years old cousin
  • Asa Butterfield as Simon Harvert/Trisha's 17 years old cousin and Dylan's brother
  • Joey King as Nancy Harvert/Trisha's 13 years old cousin and Dylan and Simon's sister
  • Griffin Kane as Jeff Harvert/Dylan, Simon and Nancy's 10 years old brother
  • Asia Monet Ray as Bella Harvert/Dylan, Simon, Nancy and Jeff's 6 years old adoptive sister who Dean save when she was baby.
  • Vince Vaughn as Matthew Harvert
  • Keanu Reeves as Dean Harvert/Matthew and Eric's brother, Dylan, Simon, Nancy and Jeff's father and Bella's adoption father


The Opening Scene

Jamie and Janet meet Melody

  • Jamie: What sandwich do you got?
  • Janet: I hate ham sandwich.
  • Jamie: Well, I got cheese sandwich.
  • Janet: Can I have cheese sandwich?
  • Jamie: Why?
  • Janet: I'm a vegetarain and I don't eat meat and ham.
  • Jamie: OK.
  • (Janet eat cheese sandwich and Jamie eat ham sandwich)
  • (Jamie saw Melody lonely)
  • Jamie: Move to that table.
  • Janet: What?
  • Janet: Her?
  • Jamie: Come on.
  • (Jamie grab Janet and move to the next table with Melody)
  • (Everbody watch Jamie and Janet)
  • Jamie: Act cool.
  • (Jamie and Janet eat their lunch)

Trisha has a another strange dream when Vivian meeting with Helen Duncan, Trisha's clone

  • (Trisha sleep and groan)
  • (Vivian walk)
  • Helen: Miss Weatherstone.
  • Vivian: Yes.
  • Helen: My name is Helen Duncan.
  • (Helen shake hand with Vivian)
  • Helen: Something wrong?
  • Vivian: You look like this teenager name Trisha Harvert.
  • Helen: My hair is black and red.
  • Vivian: Who are you?
  • Helen: I'm here to help.
  • Helen: To help you and your daughter.
  • Helen: What color is my dress?
  • Vivian: Black. The lipstick is red.
  • Vivian: Your hair was brown and blonde.
  • Helen: It was after our first meeting 8 years ago.
  • Word: 8 years ago.
  • (Helen walk with brown and blonde hair)
  • Helen: Miss Vivian Weatherstone
  • Vivan: Are you Helen Duncan?
  • Helen: Yes, I'm Helen Duncan.
  • (Helen sit down and drinking the coffee)
  • Helen: What a good day today.
  • (Helen look at Vivian)
  • Helen: Miss Weatherstone, do you have a boyfriend?
  • Vivian: No, but I am pregnant.
  • Helen: You said you don't have a boyfriend.
  • Vivian: I know, my unborn baby's father is a FBI agent.
  • (Helen look in front)
  • Helen: Sam Hardy, the FBI agent.
  • Vivian: How did you know?
  • Helen: It was a guess.
  • Helen: Here's something you must do.
  • Vivian: What?
  • (Helen look at Vivian)
  • Helen: Stay away from Sam Hardy.
  • Helen: Never talk to him and never get him in your life and your baby's life.
  • Helen: I mean it. I'm trying to help you for your safety, OK?

Nancy getting hit by the car

  • (Car beeping)
  • Dylan: What now?
  • Simon: What's wrong?
  • Dylan: Listen.
  • Kyle: I saw somebody.
  • (Car beeping)
  • Kyle: Cousin Nancy!
  • Danny: Who?
  • Kyle: Nancy!
  • Dylan: Oh no!
  • (Simon, Dylan, Kyle and Danny in the window)
  • Nancy: Guys!
  • Nancy: DYLAN! SIMON!
  • Dylan: What are you doing, Nancy?
  • Nancy: Like my dress?
  • Kyle and Danny: Hell, no!
  • Dylan: Shut up!
  • Simon: Hey!
  • Dylan: Not you!
  • Dylan: Cousin Kyle and stupid Danny!
  • Kyle and Danny: HEY!
  • Nancy: Come on, guys.
  • Dylan: You stole that thing!
  • Nancy: What thing?
  • Kyle: The Wedding Dress!
  • Danny: That came from the mob!
  • Nancy: Yeah right.
  • Dylan: Take that thing back!
  • Nancy: COME ON, DYLAN!
  • Dylan: Don't you "Come on!" at us!
  • Dylan: Do it right now!
  • Nancy: Please.....
  • (Dylan growl)
  • Nancy: Who's looking after Jeff and Bella?
  • Dylan: Dad, Carrie and Aunt Karen, stupid!
  • Nancy: Bella is not our sister.
  • Dylan: I know that, you idiot!
  • Nancy: I'm your only sister.
  • Dylan: Stay there. We're coming to get you.

Jamie meet Helen Duncan, his sister's clone

  • (Jamie watch Janet)
  • (Helen hold the gun to Jamie)
  • Helen: Do you speak English or Russian?
  • Jamie: English. English. You speak Russian.
  • Helen: Some English, some Russian.
  • Helen (speaking Russian): Trisha Harvert's brother
  • Jamie: What you said?
  • Helen: Are you Jamie Harvert, Trisha Harvert's brother?
  • Jamie: Yes. Are you stupid?
  • Helen: I'm not stupid, you stupid American idiot.
  • Jamie: Hey, listen, Miss....
  • Helen: Duncan. Helen Duncan.
  • Jamie: What a funny name.
  • (Helen grab Jamie and show Jamie her head)
  • Jamie: Oh, my God.
  • Jamie: You look like my sister.
  • Helen: That Harvert. That Trisha Harvert. I am her clone. I am the evil clone who she has all of her life.

Jamie and Janet found out who is Melody's father are

  • (Jamie and Janet walk)
  • Jamie: So, Janet
  • Janet: I have not met somebody.
  • Janet: La la la la.
  • Jamie: Did you meet somebody?
  • Janet: Yes.
  • Janet: Who?
  • (Jamie and Janet walk in the street)
  • Janet: Remember that agent.
  • Janet: Vivian say one of the agents tried to help her and falled in love with her.
  • Jamie: Could one of them be Melody's father?
  • Janet: FBI Agent Sam Hardy. Heard of him?
  • Jamie: I don't know. She never said his name.



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