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Crysis is an upcoming science fiction action war film based on the Crysis franchise, more specifically the 2007 video game Crysis.


In 2020, North Korean forces led by General Ri-chan Kyong take over the Linghan Islands, found south of the Phillipines. Dr. Helena Rosenthal, the head of a team of American archaeologists trapped on the island, sends out a diforce squad Raptor Team are disptatched to rescue them.

Raptor Team, consisting of Nomad, Psycho, Aztec, Jester and team leader Prophet, are outfitted with nanosuits; a specialized combat armour which enhances their strength and absorbs damage, amongst other power-ups such as speed and invisibility. The team attempts to land on the island via a high-altitude jump, but are disrupted by an unknown flying object which collides with them and the team becomes separated.

The team manages to keep in contact over radio and try to set up a regroup, but Aztec is suddenly killed by an unknown creature which also massacres a Korean patrol. Nomad meets up with Jester, but he too is attacked and dragged away by an unseen force. Nomad observes that a large part of the island is frozen. He then encounters Prophet and they are attacked by a large flying machine. They initially fight it off but another machine appears and snatches Prophet.

Nomad is contacted over the radio by his superior, Major Clarence Strickland, who tells him that his best option is to abort the mission (but does not order him to); Nomad refuses, believing that he can still complete the task and further investigate the second, mysterious presence on the island. Nomad makes his way to Rosenthal's research center and discovers Rosenthal hiding there. Rosenthal informs him that two of her men tried to escape through the jungle but were killed. She reveals a fossilized artifact which predates humanity by two million years and resembles the alien technology. 

Strickland then leads a military assault on the island, blowing apart the icy mountain to reveal an alien structure hidden within. As Nomad and Rosenthal prepare to make their escape with the army, Nomad is attacked by General Kyong, wearing a stolen nanosuit. Nomad is unable to stop him from detonating explosives which frees the alien structure. As Nomad kills Kyong, Rosenthal is snatched by one of the alien machines. Despite his protests, Nomad's suit is deactivated by remote control and he is dragged to the U.S.S. Constituition, which carries the attacking fleet.

Nomad is introduced to Admiral Richard Morrison and he explains his plan to launch a nuclear strike on the island. However, Nomad protests and volunteers to return to the alien energy field to rescue Rosenthal. Morrison gives him forty minutes to return before he destroys the island. Strickland then decides to go with Nomad.

Nomad and Strickland enter the alein base and discover the alien technology that will deflect the atomic blast back  at the Consituition. However, Strickland is unable to radio Morrison and warn him. Nomad declares that the must disable the shield from the structure's core. As they approach it, they also find Rosenthal and free her.

As the reach the center, they are attacked by Prophet, who reveals that he has become disillusioned and brainwashed by the aliens. As Nomad battles him, Strickland realises that there is no way they can insure their success if they flee. He decides to sacrifice himself to disable the shield. Nomad defeats Prophet, who tells him that he is already too late before killing himself. Nomad takes Rosenthal and they flee from the structure, but become trapped on the mountain. A soldier on the Constituition spots them via binoculars and convinces Morrison not to launch the assault yet.

As aliens begin to emerge from the structure, Nomad jumps to Rosenthal's defense but there are too many and he is soon low on ammo. Suddenly, a Korean chopper appears and opens fire on the aliens. The pilot reveals himself to be Psycho, who rescues Nomad and Rosenthal. They return to the Constituition and help to defend it from an alien swarm before Morrison blasts the island, ending the alien menace. The film closes on the U.S.S. Constituition setting off for home.


Karl Urban - Nomad

Jason Statham - Psycho

Denzel Washington - Prophet

Neil Patrick Harris - Aztec

Michael Jai White - Jester

Jessica Chastain - Dr. Helena Rosenthal

John Cusack - Major Clarence Strickland

Jeff Bridges - Admiral Richard Morrison

Daniel Dae Kim - General Ri-chang Kyong