Crusant (Krusånsk) is a Germanic language spoken natively by 1.6 million people in Crusania.

Crusant Alphabet and Pronounciations

Letter Letter Pronounciation Letter Sound
A a Like a in able
Å aw Like a in saw
Ä aah Like A in A-ha
Æ aa Like a in cat
B beh Like b in bike
C seh Like c in cook
D deh Like d in duck
E eh Like e in egg
F feh Like f in fork
G geh Like g in golf
H heh Like h in horse
I I Like i in igloo it also sometimes make the long E sound
J yuh Like y in yak
K keh Like k in kite
L leh Like l in lake
M meh Like m in make
N neh Like n in nest
O o Like o in oat
Ø Like the two o's in foot
P peh Like p in pickle
Q kwuh Like q in queen
R reh Like r in red
S ss Like s in send
T teh Like t in tent
U Uh Like u in suit
V veh Like v in vet
W doob-law Like w in watch
X eeks Like x in box
Y ee-yeh Like y in fly
Z zed Like z in zoo


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