Crusant (Krüsånsk) is a North Germanic language spoken natively by 8 million people in Crusania. The language has many similarities to Danish, Norwegian, and English.

Crusant Alphabet and Pronounciations

Letter Letter Pronounciation Letter Sound
A a Like a in able
Å aw Like a in saw
Æ aa Like a in cat
B beh Like b in bike
C seh Like c in cook
D deh Like d in duck
E eh Like e in egg
Ë ee Like e in eagle
F feh Like f in fork
G geh Like g in golf
H heh Like h in horse
I I Like i in igloo
J yuh Like y in yak
K keh Like k in kite
L leh Like l in lake
M meh Like m in make
N neh Like n in nest
O o Like o in oat
Ø Like the two o's in foot
Ö os Like o in otter
P peh Like p in pickle
Q kwuh Like q in queen
R reh Like r in red
S ss Like s in send
T teh Like t in tent
U Uh Like u in uncle
Ü oo Like the two o's in boot
V veh Like v in vet
W doob-law Like w in watch
X eeks Like x in box
Y ee-yeh Like y in fly
Z zed Like z in zoo


English Pronouns Crusant Pronouns
I jeg
he hån
she hun
we vi
they dem
me myg
him håm
her hen
us os
them dem
my min
his håns
her hen
our vore
their der
mine min
his håns
hers hens
ours vores
theirs ders


Number English Numbers Crusant Numbers
1 one ein


two to
3 three tre
4 four fër
5 five fem
6 six siks
7 seven sër
8 eight oder
9 nine
10 ten
11 eleven eleve
12 twelve tolv
13 thirteen treten
14 fourteen fërten
15 fifteen femten
16 sixteen siksten
17 seventeen sërten
18 eighteen oderten
19 nineteen nëten
20 twenty tør
30 thirteen div
40 fourthy fur
50 fifthy tred
60 sixthy trës
70 seventhy jer
80 eigthy frë
90 ninthy fy
100 hundred hundred


English Days Crusant Days
Day Dag
Days Dagen
Yesterday Jardag
Today I Dag
Tonight I Nyt
Tommorw I Morgen
Sunday Søndag
Monday Mandag
Tuesday Tosdag
Wednesday Ønsdag
Thursday Trisdag
Friday Fredag
Saturday Gremdag


English Colors Crusant Colors
color klüre
colors klüren
black zart
blue blå
brown brøn
gray gres
green gren
orange oranje
pink røse
purple purpel
red rød
white wit
yellow gule


English Sizes Crusant Sizes
size grøse
sizes grøses
big bol
deep deep
long long
narrow smål
short kort
little lidt
tall høj
thick tik
thin tin
wide bred
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