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The Crusades were a series of military expeditions by Synkratic Septifidelic kingdoms against the forces of the Talmidhi of Al-Haqiqa and other denominations of Septifidelity sanctioned by the popes of the Synkratic Church.

Northern Crusade

The Northern Crusade was called upon as a result of the Synkratic–Vozrod Schism.

Synkratic–Talmidhi Crusades

These were called for by the Popes sixteen times over the course of fifteen hundred years.

These wars were fought mostly in southern Aquilonis, pitting Septifidelic kingdoms against the Muqadas Caliphate and its allied nations and later the Caliphates successor states

First Crusade


Second Crusade

First Crusade





Southern Aquilonis




Septifedelic Kingdoms

Talmidhi Kingdoms

The First Crusade was declared a few years after the execution of Shahirazadi (شىحيراظاضئ), primarily in response to the sudden spread of Al-Haqiqa across most of southern Aquilonis.

Second Crusade

Third Crusade

Fourth Crusade

Fifth Crusade

Sixth Crusade

Seventh Crusade

Eighth Crusade

Ninth Crusade

Tenth Crusade

Eleventh Crusade

Twelfth Crusade

Thirteenth Crusade

Fourteenth Crusade

Fifteenth Crusade

Sixteenth Crusade

Reformation Crusades

Crusades intended to restore Synkratic influence in central Eurodysia following the onset of the Offenheitist Reformation.

Note & Trivia

  • The Synkratic–Talmidhi Crusades were inspired by the historical real-world crusades that pitted Christiandom and the Muslim Caliphates against one another.