Crusaders of Space
The Crusaders of Space
 Official Name Crusaders of Space
 Editorial Names
 Team Aliases
 Base of Operation
 Team Leader(s) Elephant-Lord
 Current Members Fixfast, Sowrdra, Oneword, Galileo, Sensra
 Former Members
 Enemies Evilhammer the Accuser. Evil the Living Planet, Halfdestroyer, Kangavox, etc.
 Place of Formation
 Universe Cyber-Marvel
 Creators Brian DuBose
First Appearance
Extermination: Conquest #6 (April 2008)

The Crusaders of Space are a many-strong superhero force of good created by Cyber-Marvel comics. They comprise of Qu'll, also known as Elephant-Lord and leader of the group, Fixfast the kangaroo-transformer known as the one who lost his daughter and wife, not knowing his daughter Dracona is still alive, Swordra, who lost her family and half the population of her planet because of Halfdestroyer, Oneword, a tree-bear-transformer who only says "I am Oneword" repeatedly, Galileo, a raccoon-transformer experimented on by the High Eaglelutionary his enemy, and Sensra, an orphaned praying mantis-transformer whose planet of hers was reduced to nothing.

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