The first season of WBC's television series Crowfield premiered on August 13, 2012 and featured 10 episodes. The season follows a father and daughter move to a small town to start a new life when Tom Roberts becomes the new sheriff of Crowfield, because Sheriff Wilkins supposedly killed himself. He also moved because his daughter Maggie tried to kill herself, since she wanted to be with her mother. Now, a murder has occurred in the town and the town is threatened. It's up to Tom to find out who is doing this before anyone else dies.

Season Summary

Sheriff Wilkins is at the Sheriff's station and commits suicide. Tom and Maggie Roberts arrive in Crowfield and are introduced to Amber and Diana Johnson, Deputy Eric and Wayne Wilson, Deputy Andy Martinez, Alice Campbell, Tyler and Lilly Reese. Maggie, Tyler and Amber go to a party where two teenagers are murdered. Maggie sees the killer and runs away with Amber and Tyler. Maggie calls Tom and he tells her he'll be there but before he goes, he cancels his date with Alice. Alice is getting ready but opens the door to find her sister, Marissa. People are then attacked and killed, including Sarah Reynolds, Tyler convinces Maggie and Amber to keep eyes out for anything suspicious, and Lilly, Alice and Marissa are attacked, leaving Marissa in a coma. Tyler and Lilly are attacked and Maggie tries to stop it but is kidnapped. Alice takes matters into her own hands by learning how to shoot a gun and killing Maggie's kidnapper (who is also Marissa's attacker). Three more people (Steven Mason, Rodney Carson and Gwen Reynolds) are attacked, leaving Rodney dead and Gwen in the hospital. Maggie, Tyler and Amber team up with Mary to take down the killers. Tom and Andy find Steven and Gwen's attacker but Andy is shot and Tom kills the attacker. Mary then kidnaps Maggie, Tyler and Amber. She kills Amber and is killed by Lilly.

The killers then start burning people alive and Maggie starts to have nightmares of Mary helping her kill people. Tom then convinces Alice and Marissa to be bait. The plan backfires when Alice is shown to have a gun and Alice is almost killed but Tom, Eric, Wayne and Andy kill the killers. The leader of the killers named Gregory Patterson finds his people dead and hunts down Tom, Maggie and the others. Maggie bonds with Gwen until Steven asks Gwen on a date. Gwen, not realizing Steven is one of Gregory's people, accepts and is killed the same night by Steven. Tyler becomes close to Eric and he takes photos of Steven checking out weapons. Marissa is brought in for questioning since she fits the time of the murders but it is revealed that she was never in rehab and was hanging out with her friends, disgusting Alice. Alice argues with Marissa about Marissa hanging out with her friends. Gregory then attacks Eric and Wayne are attacked by Gregory and his men, leaving Wayne in the hospital. Gregory and his people are attacked by Tom, Eric, Alice, Lilly, Andy and a bunch of the police and townspeople, killing most of them except Gregory and Steven, both escaping the madness. Lilly and Tyler have an argument about Lilly risking her own life. Lilly meets Steven and he tries to flirt with her but she rejects. Gregory then prepares his new family to kill Tom's daughter and friends and he will kill Tom himself. Gregory then kills a few townspeople (including Wendy Emerson, Deputy Weston and Ross). Steven tries to rape Lilly but Lilly hits him in the head, leaving a dent. Gregory's people are attacked and killed by Tom, Eric and deputies but Gregory escapes.

Gregory then makes it to Alice's house and holds Alice at gunpoint. Marissa then enters the house and tries to save Alice by fighting Gregory but Gregory gets the upper hand and kills Marissa. Alice grieves Marissa's death and tries to run but Gregory knocks her unconscious. Gregory calls Tom and tells him Marissa is dead and Alice is being held hostage. Tom races to save her and tries to talk Gregory out of killing her but he doesn't want to listen. Gregory puts the gun to her head and almost pulls the trigger but Alice stabs him. Tom and Alice fight Gregory and manage to kill him together. Steven arrives at the Reese residence and tries to break inside but Tyler catches him and tries to attack him but Steven breaks his arm and knocks him unconscious. Steven tries to kill him but Maggie calls his name. Tom makes it to the Reese residence and finds out that Steven attacked Tyler. Eric then tells Tom that Maggie is missing. Tom then finds Steven's base, only to find Maggie all bloodied and Steven dead on the floor with Tom, Eric, Tyler, Lilly and Andy in shock.

Main Cast

Shane West as Tom Roberts- The new sheriff who just moved to Crowfield after Sheriff Wilkins' supposed suicide. (3 episodes)

Gina Holden as Dr. Alice Campbell- The doctor of Crowfield who starts a relationship with Tom. (3 episodes)

Katherine Ramdeen as Maggie Roberts- Tom's troubled teenage daughter who attempted suicide who misses her mother and tries to make new friends at school. (3 episodes)

Travis Van Winkle as Deputy Eric Wilson- He is one of the deputies who was close to Sheriff Wilkins. (3 episodes)

Devon Werkheiser as Tyler Reese- A mysterious teenager who is an outsider of the school him and Maggie go too and becomes her friend. He is interested in the murders and tries to find out who the killer is with Maggie's help. Tyler has a crush on Maggie. (3 episodes)

Arielle Kebbel as Marissa Campbell- She is Alice's younger sister who just got out of rehab for doing drugs who Alice no longer speaks too. (3 episodes)

Sara Paxton as Lilly Reese- She is Tyler's aunt who cares for him and doesn't want to see him hurt. She doesn't know that he is trying to find out who the killer is. She is a waitress that is one of the killer's targets. (2 episodes)

Recurring Cast

Kay Panabaker as Amber Johnson- Maggie and Tyler's friend. She gets into a lot of trouble and helps Maggie and Tyler try to find the killer. (3 episodes)

Meghan Markle as Deputy Andrea 'Andy' Martinez- A tough woman who doesn't take crap from anyone. (3 episodes)

Kevin Zegers as Deputy Wayne Wilson- A handsome deputy who is very brave and respects Sheriff Roberts. Eric's brother. (3 episodes)

Kelly Rowan as Diana Johnson- Amber's mother who is very nice to Tom and Maggie. (2 episodes)

Kirsten Prout as Gwen Reynolds- Steven's girlfriend who is popular and hates Maggie. (2 episodes)

Elisha Cuthbert as Mary Watson- She is a reporter who is trying to find out who is committing the murders. (2 episodes)

Adrian Pasdar as Sheriff Wilkins- He was the sheriff of Crowfield but committed suicide. (1 episode)

Cameron Deane Stewart as Steven Mason- He is a football player who is dating Gwen and Maggie's crush.


Ep. 1 Welcome to Crowfield

Ep. 2 Silent Kill

Ep. 3 Kill Em All

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