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Crouzex artwork. Crouzex in holding Lara Croft in his hand.

Universe Super Smash Bros.
Debut Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars

Crouzex is a boss in the Smash Wars Adventure Mode: Rise of an Unleashed Army.

In Rise of an Unleashed Army

The level starts out right after the events in part one. Cloud Strife, Blaze the Cat, Lara Croft, and Pit have split up into two teams, in order to explore a mysterious cave (What is a cave doing on a cloud? All will be answered later) inside a demon-occupied facility, which has diverged into two tunnels. A noise is heard by Cloud and Blaze, who have formed the first group. They stop, curious as to what this noise could be. They realize that it has gone down the other tunnel, which means that Lara and Pit are potentially at risk.

But, they feel that they can handle themselves, so they keep on walking. They eventually come across a door, where a sign next to it says "Testing Facility".

A Testing Facility? For What? Cloud thinks to himself (Through thought bubbles)

They cautiously open the door, and see swarms of demons surrounding something. A demon spots them and sets off an alarm, prompting the Smashers to fight. Cloud/Blaze goes on ahead of the other Smasher, who lets out a cry and mysteriously disappears. Now, Cloud/Blaze is left to fight the demon by himself/herself. It seems that Cloud/Blaze is doomed, but Knuckles blasts into the facility, holding a Chaos Emerald. Together, the two Smashers eventually finish off the demons. Now, Cloud/Blaze and Knuckles try to see what those demons were all over, but before they can, Crouzex, a Demon Spider, attacks them. It is a long battle, but Cloud/Blaze and Knuckles eventually wins. Crouzex escapes, and Cloud/Blaze and Knuckles try to see what the demons were protecting. They look utterly shocked, and something is heard behind them.

They turn around as the screen turns black (not revealing what Cloud/Blaze and Knuckles were looking at) as screams are heard. Then a cutscene is shown in another area of the World of Trophies, inside a field. A ship is clearly visible in the background, and it flies towards the screen. Someone (supposedly the pilot) drops out, landing in the wheat not that far away from the camera.