Crossovia Safari is an Italian-American Film Made by Falidon Movies and Greyscale PRD.


A girl named Jo Barley watched a cartoon as a kid, but when she’s a teenager, she discovers that the cartoon is real and they want her to participate in a safari since a bunch of Crossovia Cats (who are secretly led by Crockin and Ally)bdestroyed their home.

Voice Cast

Original Italian Dub

  • Margherita De Risi as Jo Barley
  • Gea Riva as Gilda the Pony
  • Francesco Franco as Brandon the Dog
  • Alessandro Quarta as Stump the Skunk (Named Ceppo in the Original Dub)
  • Gianluca Crisafi as Copper the Otter
  • Claudio Moneta as Yup the Monkey
  • Chiara Francese as Pansy the Bat
  • Federico Campiola as Crockin

English Dub


  1. Save Crossovia - Gilda, Brandon, Stump, Copper, Yup, and Jo Barley
  2. Hold Up, Hold Up - Pansy the Bat
  3. Welcome to Crossovia - The Two Crocodiles
  4. Harmony - Jo Barley, Brandon, Pansy, and Cast

TV Series

It was announced that the show would have a TV Series coming in 2020. The Italian Cast Reprise their roles, but the English ones do not. Emily Barclay is Replaced by Grey DeLisle, Helen Mirren is Replaced by Tara Strong, Anthony LaPaglia is Replaced by Stephen Stanton, Sam Neil is replaced by TBA, and Sam Rockwell is replaced by TBA. Only Taron Edgerton, Gavin Lazarus, Jessica Paquet, and Lisa Ortiz reprised their roles.

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