Rebecca Sikes is closing the store her Dad owns and her boyfriend Justin and her sixteen best friends go into the woods by the store and they go to the cliff and a popular hangout for tenneage boys in girls in Mystic Falls.Rebecca spots a five year old boy and he attacks Dunan and Duncan pushes the little boy off the cliff and drowns in the water and the friends make a pact and Rebecca doesn't want to.

A year later they are still are friends.Mya and the janitor is the last one at school and Mya here's her Dad scream and finds him dead on the floor and she turns around and a person witha hood over its face is there and Mya screams and runs.The killer chasesd her and finally kills her under the bleachers stabbing her to death.

The other fifthteen friends Rebecca,Justin,Duncan,Mike,Dane,Slyvia,Amanda,Rose,Mark,Brittany,Fang,Jay,Leah and Cameron.Cameron goes jogging into the dark woods where the cliff is at and he here's noises and turns around and get's stabbed in the chest but he gets up and runs away and hides behind a tree.The killer put's a barb wire around Cameron's throat and kills him.

Jay is walkig down the road and a SUV with tinted windows chases him to an old abadon bridge and the killer comes out of the car and chases him and Jay falls down a hole that's in the bridge and falls into the river the same one the little boy did and the killer jumps into the river.The killer then stabs Jay to death.

Brittany is taking a bath and she here's strange noises and goes to invistagets only to be stabbed in the head with a spere by the killer.Slyvia is in the kitchen of her house and she here's noises and the killer comes up behind her and Slyvia takes off running and she runs into a slaughterhouse and hides behind a dead cow that's hanging in the air only to be cut by a chainsaw by the killer.

Amanda is at Rose's house and Amanda is in the shower and Rose is putting on her nightgown and when she see's the killer in the mirror he stabs the miorror and Rose runs out of the bedroom and runs out of the house and runs into the woods and falls down a hill and the killer stabs her to death.Amanda get's out of the shower and looks for Rose amd goes into the room Rose was in and the killer jumps through the window knocking Amanda to the bed and he stabs her to death.

Mark is taking a shower and the killer comes in and stabs him to death.Rebecca is in her store and she here's noises and checks it out and the killer slices her arm and chases Rebecca and she runs outside and into the woods and she finds Leah and Mike in the van and Rebecca gets in and the killer comes and gets ontop of the roof and starts chainsawing it and he grabs Mike and pulls him to the roof and cuts his head off with the chainsaw and Leah runs out of the van only to be chopped in half with the chainsaw.

Rebecca runs and goe's to Duncan's house and Dane,Justin and Fang are there.They here the killer banging on the door and Duncan opens the door and it's his older brother Damon.They confront him and he says he's been at his girlfriends house.Fang leaves in Damon's car and the killer sits up in the backseat and swings an ax at his head killing him.

Damon and Dane decide to leave to get help and there car runs out and they find a radio station and Damon gets stabbed to death and the killer chases Dane with an ax and finally hacks him to death.

Duncan goes to the bathroom where he gets stabbed to death.Rebecca and Justin find Duncan dead and they leave in Justin's car.They stop at a gas station and Rebecca smells something stinky and checks the trunk and finds the dead body of Mike and she runs into the woods and runs and goes to her house.

Rebecca finds the dead bodies of all of her friends and goes into her room and finds Justin laying on the bed naked.Rebecca is then knocked out and she is tied to her bed and the killer is standing there and the killer takes the hood off and it's Justin.Justin then says that the little boy was his brother and he wanted to pay them all back by killing all of them.Justin is about to stab Rebecca and Rebecca get's loose and kicks Justin and Rebecca hacks him to death and runs out of the house and drives away.

A year later a group of collage kids is talking about the masscure and Justin is talking to them.

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