Cross World is a Fighting/RPG/Crossover game, created and desired by Esquilo30, it has characters from Capcom, Namco, Nippon-Ichi, Shounen jump, Naughty Dogs, Arc System Works and Toei.


Many years ago, an evil entity named Barkness, was about to conquer the world, until a legendary hero foiled his plans and sealed him and peace has returned, however 30 years later, the seal was broken, so in order to conquer the world, he create another world and teleport some creatures to be his minions, but unknow to him, characters starts to mysteryously appear in the new world, this is where the adventure begin.

Original Characters


Edward Gunslinger: A bounty hunter, who has a mission to get a bounty for Lord Barkness's head, he usually calm and acts cool, he tends to show no emotions unless when he fights, he is not greed, infect he deeply care about his friends safety, he has a grudge on Barkness, since he killed his parents at a young age, leave him orphan.

Max Roswell: Edward's partner and childhood friend, he wears trifocal glasses, he is a coward who will often refuse to fight or to run himself in danger, which Edward ironically always convince him to do it, despite this, he showed to be a technology expert and love to build machines.

Lilim Amano: A cheerful treasure hunter, who wants to find all the treasures that she can find.

Kaede Kinomoto: A thief, who is not bad, she is actually a kleptomaniac girl, who steal every thing at sight, Edward and co' often prevent her to steal, she has an older brother named Takeshi.

Takeshi Kinomoto: Kaede's older brother, he is a pervert, as well a flirter, often flirting the girls just(as part of a running gag) being hited or rejected, despite this, he is an excellent suplex fighter.

William Kinfree: A ten years old boy, he knows how to use magics to heal living things,(he can heal even those who have lost an arm, who are blind or dying, etc.), he is also able to take away people's memories. He's very pacific often asking his enemies if they can't solve things a bit more nicely, he is so kind and has a heart gold to the point to even saving an foe's life.


Lord Barkness: A demon whose name is derived from "bark" and "darkness", he is the main villain of the series, he wear a cape with flames, his objective is to conquer the world and turn into darkness, long ago before the events of the game, he attempted in doing this and killed anyone who dares to oppose him(inclunding Edward's parents), but ended up being sealed by the legendary hero, after being sealed for 30 years, the seal became weak and he broke free from his "Prison" and in order to conquer again, he first decide to create a world of his own, which starts to teleport many people and creatures.

Dart: A crazy and aggressive man who use claws as his weapons, he is one of Barkness's servants, he showed to not taking insults very well and often shows temper tantrums and proceed to attack in anger.

Zira: A vain and cold woman, who is one of Barkness's servants, she cares for nobody but herself, if her face or hairstyle is ruined, she flies into a violent rage, she uses a scythe as a weapon.

Character List


Street Fighter

  • Ryu: Ally
  • Ken Masters: Ally
  • Chun-Li: Ally
  • Sakura Kasugano: Ally
  • R. Mika: Ally
  • Makoto: Ally
  • Ibuki: Ally
  • M. Bison: Foe
  • Vega: Foe
  • C. Viper: Foe

Final Fight

  • Guy: Ally
  • Maki: Ally


  • Morrigan Aensland: Ally
  • Lilith Aensland: Both
  • Demitri Maximoff: Ally
  • Felicia: Ally
  • Hsien-ko: Ally
  • Jon Talbain: Ally
  • Jedah Dohma: Foe
  • Lord Raptor: Foe
  • Q. Bee: Foe

Ace Attorney

  • Phoenix Wright: Ally
  • Maya Fey: Ally
  • Miles Edgeworth: Ally
  • Franziska Von Karma: Ally
  • Detective Gumshoe: Ally

Rival Schools

  • Natsu Ayuhara: Ally
  • Hinata Wakaba: Ally



  • Etna: Both
  • Prinny: Both


Sailor Moon

  • Sailor Moon(Character): Ally
  • Luna: Ally
  • Sailor Venus: Ally
  • Artemis: Ally
  • Sailor Mars: Ally
  • Sailor Jupiter: Ally
  • Sailor Mercury: Ally
  • Sailor Uranus: Ally
  • Sailor Neptune: Ally
  • Tuxedo Mask: Ally
  • Sailor Galaxia: Foe
  • Sailor Lead Crow: Foe
  • Sailor Iron Mouse: Foe



  • Klonoa: Ally
  • Guntz: Ally
  • Joka: Foe
  • Janga: Foe

Tales of Legendia

  • Senel Coolidge: Ally
  • Shirley Fennes: Ally
  • Will Raynard: Ally
  • Chloe Valens: Ally
  • Norma Beatty: Ally
  • Moses Sandor: Ally
  • Giet the Galf: Ally
  • Jay: Ally
  • Grune: Ally
  • Vaclav Bould: Foe
  • Melanie: Foe
  • Cashel: Foe
  • Stingle: Foe

Tales of the Abyss

  • Luke fon Fabre: Ally
  • Tear Grants: Ally
  • Jade Curtiss: Ally
  • Anise Tatlin: Ally
  • Guy Cecil: Ally
  • Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear: Ally
  • Fon Master Ion: Ally
  • Mieu: Ally
  • Van Grants: Foe
  • Asch the Bloody: Foe
  • Legretta the Quick: Both
  • Arietta the Wild: Both
  • Dist the Reaper: Foe
  • Sync the Tempest: Foe
  • Largo the Black Lion: Foe

Naughty Dog

Crash Bandicoot

  • Crash Bandicoot(Character): Ally
  • Coco Bandicoot: Ally
  • Crunch Bandicoot: Ally
  • Aku-Aku: Ally
  • Polar: Ally
  • Dr. Neo Cortex: Foe
  • N. Gin: Foe
  • Uka-Uka: Foe
  • Tiny Tiger: Foe
  • Ripper Rool: Foe

Jak & Daxter

  • Jak: Ally
  • Daxter: Ally
  • Keira Hagai: Ally
  • Maia Acheron: Foe
  • Gol Acheron: Foe

Arc System Works


  • Litchi Faye Ling: Ally
  • Taokaka: Ally
  • Arakune: Foe

Shonen Jump

Naruto Shippuden

  • Naruto Uzumaki: Ally
  • Sakura Haruno: Ally
  • Rock Lee: Ally
  • Tsunade Senju: Ally
  • Kakashi Hataki: Ally
  • Orochimaru: Foe
  • Sasuke Uchiha: Foe
  • Gaara



The scenary is RPG and the battles are not random, the player can notice the enemy approaching, when you fight against an enemy, its a Capcpm fight style, so Exp levels doesn't matter and its a 1-on-1 battle, so the player don't need to worry when about multiple enemies, after the battle is over, the character's HP recover faster, even if the character is dead, you can save the game in a Tales of Legendia circle platform, however if all the characters Hp go to "0" its "Game Over".

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