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CrossMages is the main intergovernmental organization that founded with the intention of preservation of magical law as well as ensuring peace between mankind and other magical beings formed by Merlineans. It serves as protagonistic forces of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.


The Merlin Circle Symbol

Merlin Circle, Merlineans' symbol and crucible

This orgainzation are roots from Merlineans, legion of good spellcasters that led by Merlin. Merlinean initially founded by Merlin to secretly preserve the magical beings’ population as well as educating sorcerers, either they are humans or maguses, to uses magic for good when Uther orders massive genocide against magical beings and those who possesses magical knowledge or abilities. Merlineans later faced another threat, Morganians, their opposites whom goal are enslave mankind in retaliation of the tyrant’s evil actions. After enduring many ordeals and battles over the course of Albion Great War, Merlineans eventually defeated Morganian forces in the end.

Merlinean leaders knew in spite the fact Morganians seemingly perished by the end of the war, there are still evil sorcerers whom oppressed innocent humans and they had to restore and maintain order over the world of magic whilst ensuring humanity and magical being can live in peaceful coexistence. This is why they formed CrossMages, intergovernmental organization that dedicated to preserving law of magic and peaceful coexistence between humanity and magical beings.

Aside preserving law of magic and coexistence between humanity and magical beings, CrossMages also formed to protect the world from the occult, paranormal and supernatural threats. Because of it, they choose to remain neutral with more mundane conflicts such as World War 1 and the oncoming World War 2 to avoid unwanted changes on the course of history, and only interfere when the mystical threats is present.

It's well known that over the course of history, CrossMages has found many times facing various supernatural threats since its foundation, but few of them worse than the rest. Rumors stated that one of such threats was Order of Righteous Ones, controversial genocidal cult founded by zealous Puritans who sought to eradicate all magically gifted beings. The said cult instigated rebellion against Massachusetts government in response of both Salem Witch Trials and CrossMages' interference to put an end of the said trial. The rebellion ultimately escalated to conflict which so violent that in order to avoid facing ridicule for their involvement and ensure the citizens of American settlements were safe from future attacks, CrossMages forced to covered the truth, and gradually, everyone forgot both Order's existence and the conflict itself, dismissing them as myth.


CrossMage Schools are schools formed by CrossMages which dedicated to teach maguses and sorcerers both mundane subjects and art of magic in the world where the series took place. As such, those schools only admit members of those races as their students.

There are seven magic-related subjects taught in these schools where two of them are optional, which are:

  • Potion Brewing: Subject about ways to brewing potions with variety of mystical effects from Enchantments to combat.
  • Merlin Circle Magic: Mastering spells with help of Merlin Circle
  • Symbol Magic: Subject about how to make runic symbols that can influence Mana to bend reality in various effects.
  • Sensor Magic: Subject about how to detect mystical activities as well as hidden mystical enchantments on a person/object.
  • History of Magic: Subject about magical history includes history of CrossMages themselves.
  • Chloromancy(optional): Mastering mystical ability to mentally communicating with mystical plants.
  • Magitek(optional): Subject about ways to combine magic and science.

Aside six magic subjects above, CrossMages Schools also taught their students more mundane subjects such science, history, biology, and mathematics. Even so, those subjects also including study on physiology of magical creatures as well.

The structure of school years in CrossMages Schools followed those of non-magical schools and colleges in nations where these schools located at, regardless of which branch of CrossMages they associated with. For instance, CrossMages Schools in Great Britain (including the one in Trostville) that formed by European branch of CrossMages are structured in the similar way to other non-magical schools and colleges in the UK, with a three-term year punctuated by holidays at Christmas and Easter and bounded by the long summer holiday of nine weeks. The first year students who attend these schools are typically around 11 to 12 years old, and they also gained their formal magical training in their first school year.


CrossMages has Hierarchy system which based on that of previous benevolent organizations of good spellcasters includes it's predecessor Merlineans.


Councils are the ancient ruling body of CrossMages and have the big responsibility of managing the whole faction. They have the greatest authority toward their underlings, but must have the great responsibility on it. The first of their kind are said to be the Nine Maidens of Avalon, with exception of Morgana and Morgause whom turned traitor.


Elders are sorcerers whom having the better experiences that outclassed Masters, but their authority was still inferior that Councils', as Councils are those whom they answered to.

Known Elders:


Masters are highly experienced sorcerers whom aside have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess, can also appointed as the teacher for the Apprentices if they wanted to.

Known Members


Apprentices are CrossMages members whom officialy became sorcerer-in-training. Though having formidable skills in fighting, they still inferior than their superiors'. Spellcasters whom in this rank would spent their training under their appointed Masters' or Elders' guidance and titulege.

Known Members


Sweepers are agents, soldiers, and enforcers of CrossMages. They are given more rigorous training, both physical and magical that make them perfect soldiers.

Known members:

Part-Timers and Watchers

Part-Timers is term relief program where young sorcerer/sorceresses-in-training legally employed to run errands in form of public service. The said errands ranges from manual labor to challenging ones such as background investigations and aiding authorities in dealing troublemakers and criminals depend on Watchers who employed them. The said Watchers usually held the responsibility if their part-timers wind up botching the job or injured as well as kind of jobs they enlisted to Part-Timers who worked for them.

They were established as relief program to maintain prosperity and security of the country since Great Depression struck the world after First World War.

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