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Crona Snell is a character that serves as main protagonist in Broken Bird and Man Whom Only Learn Hate and Desolation of the Abomination. She was an explorer whom happened to be a human-turned vampire, Broken Bird's very first and best friend, and the witness of her worst ordeal at hands of Scarred Man in Backwater Village. She later learned the truth about reasons why Scarred Man made her suffer, which is a rage-fueled vengeance against magus race for the torture he suffered.

She later appeared in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices as the supporting protagonists, and Raido's new ally whom made her debut in The New Apprentice Part 1.

Personality and Traits

In Spin-Off

Crona started out as a shy and quiet girl but was immediately liked by everybody. But behind her fun-loving personality, she actually feels insecure, as her untimely transformation into vampire forced her to become a bloodthirsty killer whether she like it or not to survive. Her trauma over her unnatural change into a monster is something that Broken Bird aka. Tlob can relate. Crona hated those whom mistreated the other just because of their differences, as differences of other beings should not be the reason of what separate an individual from others, but rather as something that draw them together.

Real Life

Crona's personality is explored further in main series.

As seen in her first interaction with Raido, she doesn't like being stalked and is distraught that because of her poor judgement on him, she ended up became a sorcerer by accident. Although, she later easily overcame it as she had her own fault that led it happened.

In the series, Crona had a pretty but sickly-looking face due to her droopy, half lidded blue eyes that seem to make her look bored or falling asleep half the time, sallow complexion, and braided silver hair where her hair covered her left eye. The said braid was swept over her left shoulder, tied with a hair band. She also slighty taller than Tlob, but still shorter than Janey.

Crona's casual outfit consist of a grey newspaper boy cap, white shirt, blue coat, dark grey schoolgirl skirt with matching shorts beneath, black tights, and grey pointy shoes. Being a vampire, she also had sharp fangs, and combined with her pale complexion, she gives an eerie aura.

Powers and Abilities

Crona Snell Reboot TSASA.jpg

Because she was bitten by a vampire, she gained vampiric powers and abilities includes supernatural strength, speed, and ability to turned into a swarm of triangle-winged bat-like creatures. Though her vampirism later cured by Polidori, Crona still retained her vampiric powers but lost her vampiric weaknesses due to her treatment was done past her first night of vampirism(Crona spent 8 years of her lifetime as vampire and is mutated as result), and thus turned into Cruor.

  • Vampiric Physiology:
    • Supernatural Strength:
    • Supernatural Speed:

Later on, as result of freak accident with Neathid Cube, Crona also gained ability to channeled mana around her to shape reality(aka. Sorcery).

  • Energy Throwing:
  • Cleaning Spell:


  • She was based upon Sue Snell from Carrie, a character whom befriends with the tragic protagonist Carrie White. Much like Sue, Crona befriends with Broken Bird, whom similar with Carrie that possessed unusual powers that she used for punish those whom mistreated her. But she was closer with Sue from 2013 film, as she never mistreated Broken Bird at all.
  • A recurring gag over Crona is everytime Raido is near her, Raido would suffer hilarious misfortunes because of her during the first few chapters:
    • The first one was when she kick Raido on the crotch before sent him flying onto trash bin.
    • The second one was when she animated cleaning utensils in basement of Mr. Blake's house, one of animated mops mopped his face. To make matter worse, when Raido tried to stop her to made it worse, the cleaning utensils fuses into a hydra-like beast.