Crocky is a 2019 live action CGI comedy adventure film, starring


Once a year, The Shay Family always go to New Orleans for family vacation, but a 14 year old girl meets a musical crocodile named Crocky, and his nephew, Junior and they have some fun for a little while.


The movie opens with


  • TBA as the voice of Crocky the Crocodile
  • TBA as the voice of Junior the Crocodile/Crocky's nephew
  • TBA as Megan Shay/A 14 year old girl who meets Crocky and Junior
  • TBA as TBA Shay/Megan's father
  • TBA as TBA Shay/Megan's mother
  • TBA as TBA Shay/Megan's 10 year old brother
  • TBA as TBA/A boy who Megan meets and befriends




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