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Critter Country 2
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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jason VanBorssum
Produced by Cheryl Abood
Audrey Wells
Stephen Swofford
Screenplay by Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Story by Elliot M. Bour
Saul Andrew Blinkoff
Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Starring James Corden
Oona Laurence
Jason Segel
William H. Macy
Liu Yifei
John Rhys-Davies
Kristoff St. John
Andy Dick
Russi Taylor
M. Night Shyamalan
Kenneth Branagh
Music by Hans Zimmer
Edited by H. Lee Peterson
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Wonder
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures
Release date May 12, 2017
Running time 97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $110 million
Box office $676 million

Critter Country 2 is a 2017 American computer animated comedy drama adventure film produced by Walt Disney Wonder Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Jason VanBorssum in his directorial debut, it is the sequel to 2016's Critter Country, the second installment in the Critter Country film series, and the studio's first sequel outside of the Disney In The House Cinematic Universe. James Corden, Oona Laurence, Jason Segel, John Rhys-Davies, Kristoff St. John, Andy Dick, and Russi Taylor reprise their roles from the first film with newcomers including Liu Yifei, William H. Macy, Kenneth Baranagh, and M. Night Shyamalan. In the film, Lemy and his friends discover Critter Country is divided from another land and set out to unite them in peace against an evil eagle who intends to destroy them.

Critter Country 2 was released theatrically on May 12, 2017 in the United States, and became the highest-grossing Critter Country film, grossing $676 million worldwide against its $110 million budget. Critter Country 2 received universal acclaim from critics, who praised the humor, writing, animation, musical score, characters, and voice performances (particularly Corden, Laurence, Segel, Macy, and Yifei). This was the last Critter Country film to feature St. John before his death on February 3, 2019. A sequel, Critter Country 3, was released on November 8, 2019.


A month after the events of the first film, Lemy the ring-tailed lemur is the king of Critter Country. An eagle named Feet plots to destroy the critter population. A flying pony named Princess Lalaloopsy returns a crane's egg to its mother, but is banished from the Pink Kingdom since no one is supposed to go over their wall. Lemy receives an invitation from Feet that summons their tribe for a reunion with the Pink Kingdom. Critter Country's former king Kuku the sulphur-crested cockatoo explains that the two worlds became intolerant of each other. The only solution was to break up, and the tribes have since been divided. Despite being told to accept that the critters are different, Lemy sets off to meet Feet, bringing along his friends. Batty the fruit bat, Burrows the meerkat, Hissy the snake, Park the parrot, Bext the beaver, Chippy the chipmunk, and his newest friend DJ Can the zebra.

The group meets Lalaloopsy and learn of Feet's evil plot, causing Lemy to change his plan to unite the two tribes against Feet. Batty does not trust Lalaloopsy, but reluctantly agrees to follow her to the trail towards Feet's lair to defeat him, in order to ensure Lemy's safety. Feet's companion, Beak the hummingbird, chases them, but they get away. Irritated by Beak's failure, Feet summons in his jazz bounty hunter CHATZ the rabbit to find the critters. As they cross the river at night on board a boat, CHATZ hypnotizes them with smooth jazz, but Lalaloopsy kicks him into the river, incapacitating him and breaking the spell. The critters subsequently survive falling off the edge of a waterfall, but the boat is wrecked, forcing the critters to travel on foot.

When they arrive at the Pink Kingdom, they come across a red and pink koala named FurNick and his advisor Rocket the chicken. Lemy asks the tribe to help him, but, fearful of losing his tribe, FurNick declines. He instead tells him that a group of lemurs tried to take over Critter Country many years ago, and that denying their differences is denying the truth of who they are. When Feet's eagles arrive, they kidnap everyone, except Lemy, Batty, Burrows, and Lalaloopsy, who are ejected in bubbles, accidentally separating Lalaloopsy from Lemy, Burrows, and Batty. Batty angrily chides Lemy for not listening to others and ends their friendship.

Lemy and Burrows are captured by Eagle. Lalaloopsy, who escaped, informs Batty. Realizing that Lalaloopsy wants to make friends, and that Lemy truly was trying to be a good king. Batty resolves to rescue him. Aided by Lalaloopsy, Batty flies into the Eagle Lair. Feet reveals his plan: Critter Country will be flooded, allowing Feet to make a home his school of piranhas. Batty appears and reconciles with Lemy. Lemy, Burrows, Batty, and Lalaloopsy free their captured friends, who proceed to attack the eagles. As the raging wave of water suddenly appears, Feet grabs Batty and throws her into the flood, but Lemy saves her and freezes the flood with liquid nitrogen.

With Critter Country saved, Lemy is praised for his determination and heroic acts. Batty forms a friendship with Lalaloopsy and confesses her feelings for Lemy, who gladly returns the feelings. Rocket becomes the king of the Pink Kingdom. Lemy's journey as king continues, and Critter Country and Pink Kingdom are finally reunited while celebrating their differences.


  • James Corden as Lemy, a ring-tailed lemur and the king of Critter Country.
  • Jason Segel as Burrows, a meerkat and Lemy's best friend.
  • Oona Laurence as Batty, a fruit bat and Lemy's love interest.
  • Russi Taylor as Chipper, a chipmunk who is good friends with Batty.
  • Kristoff St. John as Bext, a nervous beaver. This was St. John's last animated feature before his death in 2019.
  • Andy Dick as Hissy, a stretchy, long, flexible blue snake.
  • David Ogden Stiers as Park, a confident-yet-grumpy great green parrot.
  • Liu Yifei as Princess Lalaloopsy, a flying pony and the Princess of Pink Kingdom.
  • M. Night Shyamalan as DJ Cap, a zebra with pink stripes who likes music.
  • William H. Macy as Feet, a villainous eagle who wants to remove the critters to make room for his huge load of chick offspring.
  • Kenneth Branagh as FurNick, a red koala and the ruler of the Pink Kingdom.
  • Jonah Hill as Rocket, a red chicken and FurNick's advisor.
  • Fergie as Beak, a hummingbird who is Longtooth's bounty hunter.
  • Freddy Rodriguez as CHATZ, a rabbit who is a master at smooth jazz and works for Longtooth.
  • Jim Cummings as Kuku, an elderly cockatoo and the former king of Critter Country. He was voiced by Robert Guillaume in the first film.

Box office

In the United States, Critter Country 2 was released alongside Snatched and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and was projected to gross $120 million in its opening weekend. It grossed $323 million in its opening weekend, and grossed $319 million in the United States and Canada and $357 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $676 million worldwide. Produced on a $110 million budget, it was a box-office success, surpassing its predecessor.

Critical response

Critter Country 2 received critical acclaim, with a 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 133 reviews. The consensus reads, "Even if it doesn't quite live up to the first film, Critter Country 2 boasts an amazing ensemble voice cast and impressive animation". Metacritic calculated a score of 77 out of 100 based on 41 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film a grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale.

Critics found it to be heartwarming. Caroline Westbrook of Empire praised the performance of M. Night Shyamalan as DJ Can the Pink Zebra, saying, "Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has a nice time of his life". Peter Rainer of The Christian Science Monitor wrote, "Like the first Critter Country, the second one wears the hearts of the kiddos loved the first film, meaning they will love the sequel". Richard Roeper of Chicago Sun Times gave the film "Two Thumbs Up". A.O. Scott of The New York Times gave the film a positive review, saying, "More than good enough to live up to the original, Critter Country 2 is one of history's acceptable sequels".