crisis on Infinite Earths
is a 2020 Superhero Epic directed by Christopher nolan and zack snyder. The films takes elements from the comic of the same name but is meant to tie up loose ends in the previous incarnations of the DC heroes. The film has the casts of The Dc extended universe, the Arrowverse, as well as various incarnations. the film was also meant to be the genesis of the New DC movie universe.


the film begins by showing the creation of the cosmos. as well as the universes splitting into the multiverse. on one earth the very fabric of time and space is falling apart being devoured by nothing. a lone man laments that this world is like many others doomed. the world is then gone.

on earth zero, after the events of justice league superman arrives home from being superman only for him and lois to recieve a message from another universe that warns of the end times. the same message is received by the other members of the league and the converge to discuss it. only to notice that wayne manor is gone.

on earth one and thirty eight, team arrow, team flash and supergirl wake to see that buildings are disappearing, allies and enemies are dying or being disintergrated and the sky's turning red.

suddenly in both universes a being abducts them, while it's revealed that it does so across various other unvierses with them all in one spot. after conflicts and speculations a group of shadow demons attack them. suddenly a bright light is emitted and a being known as the monitor reveals himself. he explains that several universes are he's a being linked to positive matter, and anti-mater is colidding into him causing the destruction of universes. he explaisn that the only way to stop it is by merging several universes into one, via large collums or cosmic tuning forks.

the collected heroes deal with one particular collum while the collected villains take care of another. however in the chaos the flash of earth one is taken. where he learns about the anti monitor

both heroes and villains succeed causing earths zero, one and two to be spared. but there's another problem time when the monitor is evaporated by a blue energy.

later the shadow demons attack and damage the monitor satellite. however not all are able to get out. so in a heroic sacrifice supergirl fends off the shadow demons at the cost of her own life. after holding a memorial service on earth one. however alex danvers finds something on the ground while morning. a green crystal. using the information and the remaining tech the batmen opperate it showing the life of the earth two superman which causes an idea.

a press conference is called for all three remaining worlds. they explain their plan. all the heroes use their skills to travel back in time and stop the event which causes the anti monitor to form. they do so, and fail miserably but the anti monitor appears building a large weapon but however the flash of earth one appears and realizes he's disintergrating but seeing no other choice he runs faster and faster, destroying the weapon and managing to restore the multiverse but dying. the anti monitor angered by this, merges earths together and attempts to kill the survivors but is stopped by super girl, not actually dead but brought back by the specter, the hand of the precense.

a final battle commences. in the battle supergirl leads the justice league of earth zero and a few survivors of both worlds to a place where the monitor stored his knowledge of all universes where it plays showing all that ever was and ever will be.

using this knowledge they enter the battle and manage to kill the antimonitor but as he dies he explodes. causing all destoryed universe to reform as well as peices of each forming into one whole universe that will be the purest distilation of all of them. the heroes and villains settle back to their worlds rebuilding and reforming.

in a post credits scene we see the krypton of the new universe explode and one soul survivor land on earth.


Ben affleck as Bruce wayne/Batman (earth 0)

henry Cavill as Clark kent/superman (earth 0)

Gal Gadot as Wonder woman (earth 0)

Erzra miller as Barry allen/ the flash (earth 0)

ray fisher as victor stone/ Cyborg (earth 0)

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman (earth 0)

Amy adams as lois lane (earth 0)

will smith as floyd lawton/deadshot (earth 0)

Margot robbie as harleen quinzel/ harley quinn

joel kinnaman as rick flag

viola davis as amanda waller

jai courtney as george "digger" harkness/ captain boomerang

adwale akinnuoye-agbaje as waylon jones/ killer croc 

Cara Delevingne as June Moone/ Enchantress

Karen fukuhara as Tatsu Yamashiro/ Katana (earth 0)

Jessie eisenberg as Lex luthor (earth 0)

Jared leto as the joker (earth 0)

Willem Defoe as Nudis Vulko

Diane lane as martha kent

Connie Nielsen as queen hippolyta

J. K. Simmons as james gordon

Jeremy irons as alfred pennyworth

amber heard as Mera

Kiersey Ciemons as Iris west

Stephen Amell as Oliver queen/ Green arrow

Willa Holland as Thea queen/ speedy

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper/ arsenal

Emily bett rickards as Felicity smoak/Overwatch

caity lotz as sara lance/ white canary (earth 1)

grant Gustin as Barry allen/ flash (earth 1)

Candice Patton as Iris West (earth 1)

Danielle panabaker as Catilin Snow/ Killer frost (earth 1)

Keiynan lonsdale as Wally West/ Kid Flash (earth 1)

franz drameh as Jefferson Jackson/ Firestorm (earth 1)

Brandon Routh as Ray palmer/ atom (earth 1)

Ciara Renee as Kendra saunders/ hawkgirl (earth 1)

Falk Hentschel as carter hall/ hawkman (earth 1)

Maisie richardson sellers as amaya jiwe/ vixen (earth 1)

Nick zano as Nathan Heywood/ steel (earth 1)

Tyler hoechlin as clark kent/superman (earth 38)

Melissa benoist as Kara danvers/ supergirl (earth 38)

Mechad Brooks as James Olsen/ Guardian (earth 38)

Chyler leigh as alex danvers (earth 38)

David harewood as j'onn j'onzz/ martian manhunter (earth 38)

Calista Flockhart as cat grant (earth 38)

Lynda carter as diana prince/ wonder woman (earth 2)  ((stock footage))

Adam west as Bruce wayne/ Batman (earth 2)  ((stock footage))

Burt ward as Dick grayson/Robin (earth 2)  ((stock footage))

Micheal keaton as Bruce wayne/ Batman (earth 3)

michele pheipher as selina kyle/ catwoman (earth 3)  ((stock footage))

Christian bale as Bruce wayne/ Batman (earth 4)

Anne Hathaway as selina kyle/ Catwoman (earth 4)

Micheal kane as Alfred pennyworth (earth 4)

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox (earth 4)

Joseph gordon lovett as Nightwing (earth 4)

Jackie earle hayley as Walter Kovacs/ Rorschach ((stock footage))

Patrick wilson as Daniel Driberg/ Nite owl 2 ((stock footage))

Malin ackerman as Laurie Juspeczyk/ Silk Specter 2 ((stock footage))

Matthew goode as Adrian veidt/ Ozzymandias ((stock footage))

Billy crudip as Dr Manhattan ((stock footage))

Jeffery Dean Morgan as Edward Blake/ The comedian ((stock footage)), Thomas wayne (earth 0) ((stock footage))

Christoper reeve as Superman (earth 2) ((stock footage))

Margot Kitter as Lois lane (earth 2) ((stock footage))

Tom hardy as Orion

Donald glover as lightray

Ron perlman as highfather

Luke harper as kalibak

Zeljko Ivanek as Dessad

kathleen turner as granny goodness

lance reddick as metorn

Booboo stewart as forager

Daniel radcliffe as scott free/ Mr miracle

Laura Prepson as Big barda

Gerard butler as darkseid

hugh jackman as the monitor/ the anit monitor

(Various other actors and actresses from previous dc movies appear in stockfootage)


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