"The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, or the BCI. It is the top law enforcement agency for criminal investigations in the state. The rapid-response teams within this agency exist outside of bureaucracy and report solely to the Ohio Attorney General." –Opening narration

Criminal Minds: Ohio is an American crime drama and a spin-off of Criminal Minds. It follows a team of investigators within the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) as they investigate crimes within the state boundaries.





Introductory episodes

Title Description
Ohio (Part 1) The BAU is called to Cleveland to investigate a serial killer who has resurfaced after a ten-year hiatus. However, when their case intersects with a double kidnapping in Cincinnati, they find themselves clashing with agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) as both teams try to deduce the unsub's motive.
Two Teams (Part 2) With bodies piling up from the unsub's escalating rampage, the BAU and the BCI are forced to join forces in order to save his captives before they become his latest victims.

Season 1

Title Description
Whitehall The BCI must work quickly to defuse a situation after a white police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black man in a Columbus neighborhood.
Angel's Song When patients begin dying at an Akron hospital, the BCI suspects an Angel of Death is involved.
Bad Boy An unassuming heiress and her dog go missing in Middletown before a celebrated dog show, and the BCI uncovers a nefarious motive behind the disappearances.
The Legend of Baxter Hall The BCI investigates the death of a child at a historic house in Cincinnati, and the case unnerves Arnie.
Hunt The BCI goes into high gear when a spree killer equipped with heavy weaponry starts traveling from town to town, terrorizing the streets. Meanwhile, Dolan gets into a fight with his wife.
Beware the Woodsman The BCI participates in an urgent search for a family that disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Meanwhile, the case forces Stella to face her greatest fear.
Cracked A new batch of lethal drugs being distributed to teenagers in Euclid causes the BCI to crack down on a drug trafficking operation. Meanwhile, Brooks meets up with her estranged son.
On the Road A devastating car crash leads the BCI to an energy company with a nefarious CEO, in an investigation that puts the team's lives at stake.
Bird's Eye The BCI hunts for a pair of snipers targeting innocent civilians in Dayton as part of a twisted competition.
Coming In Hot When a fire set by an escalating serial arsonist kills someone, the BCI is called in to apprehend the perpetrator before his actions claim even more lives.
Indiana When two dangerous inmates escape from a prison bus, the BCI pursues them into the neighboring state of Indiana. However, their investigation is constantly hampered by an ambitious captain in the Indiana State Police.
Where Is My Mind? The BCI is perplexed when a man walks into their headquarters office in London, claiming to have witnessed a crime but being unable to remember key details due to amnesia.
All In (Part 1) An anonymous tip places the BCI on the trail of a group of terrorists plotting a major attack somewhere in Ohio. However, things take an unexpected, horrible turn, and one of their own becomes personally involved in the manhunt.
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