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Criminal Minds: Behavioral Frenzy is an American Police Procedural Crime-Drama Television Series, and a spin-off of the successful crime series, Criminal Minds, premiering on the CBS Television Network, on January 7, 2016. The initial main cast features Kevin Costner, Mark Ruffalo, Christin Militoti, Daman Wayans Jr, Allison Mack, Brianna Brown, and Dylan O'Brien, as an elite team in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (or BAU) of the FBI, solving bizarre and chaotic cases all around the country, by getting into the minds of psychopathic criminals, such as serial killers, abductors, and terrorists.

The series first featured a backdoor pilot on an episode of Season ten of the original series, which featured both BAU teams working together to stop a serial killer. The reception recieved by the cast of Behavioral Frenzy lead to the choice of the production of full budget season, featuring eighteen episodes, finishing alongside season eleven of the original show. Starting with season two, premiering alongside season twelve of Criminal Minds, each season there on consists of twenty to twenty-four episodes.

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In the initial start of Criminal Minds: Behavioral Frenzy, the series features FBI Agents, Jonathan Coulson, Scott Rhodes, Selena Gordon, Miles Zaymon, Ellie Simmons, Krista Grayson, and Garrett Russells as the members of an elite team of criminal profilers in the FBI's Behavorial Analysis Unit (Shortened to BAU). Unlike other branches of law enforcement, the BAU focuses more on the criminal, called the unsub (Short for unknown subject), rather than the actual crime scene, in which the event took place. With each member bringing a different skilll and/or mindset to the team, the BAU profiles each criminal, based on patterns of the crime to figure out what the unsub is like, and why and how the unsub commits the crime in order to find his/her Modus Operandi, or Mode of Operation (the pattern and habits of the Unsub). Unlike the original series, in which the BAU is based in Quantico, Virginia, Criminal Minds: Behavioral Frenzy features the BAU team based in Sacremento, California, but still focuses on the teams solving bizarre and chaotic crimes (such as serial killings, abduction, terrorism, etc) throughout the United States. The series also focuses on the personal life of each character in their hardships of balancing both their work life and their personal life, and shows how the team is also like a second family, and treat each other as such. A sense of comedic undertone between characters is used to lighten the gravity of the shows intense subject matter.


Main Cast

  • Kevin Costner as Jonathan Coulson, a Senior Supervisory Special Agent and former Chief Unit, and is widely known as one of the best profilers. In the series premiere, he prepared to retire, but the murder of his friend at the hands of serial killer from his past causes him to rethink this. At the end of the second season, he does finally retire and leaves california with his wife, Carry. He later returns in Season 10, when a thought-to-be deceased serial killer from his first case reappears.
  • Mark Ruffalo as Scott Rhodes, a Supervisory Special Agent and the Unit Cheif of the BAU, who leads the team on their cases. He is a skilled and experienced profiler, but struggles the demands of his work life and personal life, and has a son named Eli with his ex-wife, Monica, who couldn't handle what Rhodes does for a living, so she turned down Rhodes's marriage proposal and took custody of Eli, still remaining on good terms with each other, allowing Rhodes to see Eli on a regular basis. He eventually begins a relationship with Special Agent, Selena Gordon, and the two have a daughter named, Isabel, named after Rhode's mother.
  • Cristin Milioti as Selena Gordon, a Supervisory Special Agent of the BAU, assigned as an expert in sexual offense crimes, and is a strong-willed and loyal agent. Her father was an officer killed in the line of duty, which sparked her determination in the FBI. Later in the series, she begins a relationship with SSA Rhodes, and eventually has a child with him, in which she took a short leave during her pregnancy in Season 7, before returning after the baby is born.
  • Daman Wayans Jr. as Miles Zaymon, a Supervisory Special Agent in the BAU, and a confident and assertive strong everyman agent. Born in Chicago to a black man and white woman, he was a troubled youth after his father died, and regrets many things he did, which landed him in juvie, and joined the FBI because of it, hoping to redeem past sins. Zay is best friends with Rhodes and has a non profound flirting relationship with tech analyst Ellie simmons, but it never goes beyond that.
  • Brianna Brown as Kristina "Krista" Grayson, a Supervisory Special Agent that originally acts as the BAU's communication Liason with the media and local police agencies for wherever they travel to, until she takes a promotion at the Pentagon for a short period, in which Ellie permanently filled in for her. When Grayson returns to the BAU, she is promoted to BAU profiler, and now works alongside the team out in the field. After her brother and sister-in-law died during the 9/11 terrorist attack, she took custody of her niece, Alex. She also had a child named Matt with a detective named Mason Trueman.
  • Dylan O'Brien as Dr. Garrett "Russ" Russells, a Supervisory Special Agent, who is extremely intelligent, holding Ph.D.s in mathematics, chemistry, and engineering, and is sarcastic with a quick mind, clever and somewhat impractical, often providing comic relief. The team only introduces him as "Dr. Russells" instead of as Special Agent like the others, which Rhodes explains is to make people take him more seriously, due to his young age, and acts as a younger brother to Krista. Near the end of his High School year, he became the guardian to his 10 year old sister Melanie, due to his mothers death and his father being in prison for abusing his children, revealed after Krista finds whip scars on his back. Raising Melanie on his own, he does whatever he can to make sure she ends up alright, often being overprotective, and encourages Melanie to do the right thing, despite wanting to keep her from following in his footsteps. Early in the series, when a case forced Russ to watch over an actress, Daisy Miller, while she was being stalked, he developed a relationship with her. In Season 10 they had a child that they named after the BAU's recently deceased teammate, Danny.
  • Allison Mack as Elliot "Ellie" Simmons, the BAU team's technical analyst that stays in her office at the FBI Headquarters in Sacremento, California. She is flamboyant and fun loving and provides the rest of the team with comic relief when they need it. After Krista left the BAU for a short period of time, Ellie permanently took over as the communication liason. When she was 18 years old, she was caught by the FBI with a team of illegal hackers, in which she was given a choice of a life in prison or to join the FBI as an analyst. She has a non-profound flirting relationship with Zay, but it doesn't go beyond that, and is in an actual relationship with the CEO of Triton Industries, Ray Triton. In season 10, she accompanied the team to a crime scene, to analyze a damaged computer, but finds a bomb inside. Danny shields her from the blast, but she is left paralyzed.
  • Sammi Hanratty as Ashley Danvers, a former member of the BAU team, originally starting as a cadet in the FBI academy, finishing up her remedial training at the BAU under the mentorship of SSA Gordon, and acts as a younger sister to the BAU team. At the end of season 2, she does finally graduate from the academy and officially becomes a special agent in the BAU. Her father is revealed to be a sheriff in a small town in Texas and her mother died of an illness. Near the end of Season 3, the team discovers that during her recent series of sleepwalking, she developed a split personality that only wanted to murder and cause chaos.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Daniel "Danny" Michaels Jr, a member of the BAU, originally a cadet in the academy, first introduced in Season 3 as a recurring character, in which he requested his remedial training be finished with the BAU, under the mentorship of SSA Dr. Russells, who chose Danny due to their similar childhoods. At age 11, Danny was raised by his older sister, Jennifer, after their abusive father was arrested for serial killings, but his mother is never mentioned. His sister joined the FBI as a detective, and he later went on to follow in her footsteps. At the end of season 3, he graduated the academy and officialy joined the BAU as a profiler, becoming a main character in Season 4 to Season 10. In the Season 10 finale, he was deadly wounded by a serial killer targeting FBI Agents' families, and used his last breath to shield a young girl. The team got their in time to save the girl and stop the killer, as Danny bled out, and died with the entire BAU team by his side.

Recurring Characters

  • Rowan Blanchard as Melanie Russells, Russ' younger sister, who was raised by her older brother since she was 10 years old, after their mother died of illness and father was sent to prison for abusing them. In season one she was thirteen or fourteen years old in eight grade, spending High School in seasons two through five. She is an out-going soccer athlete, with basic combat training that her brother taught her, and studies criminology, hoping to follow in her brother's footsteps. After graduating High School in season five, she joined the FBI Academy and graduated from the academy in Season five, and officially became an FBI Agent.
  • Willa Holland as Daisy Miller, a hollywood actress, first appearing in Season 1 when the BAU came down to profile a stalker that was after her, in which Ryan was assigned to watch over her, and the two developed a romance together. In season 2, when a case takes the BAU back to L.A, they reconcile their romance and start a relationship, and have a long distance relationship, until Season 3, when she takes a role in a TV series in Sacremento so they can be closer. The remain together throughout the series, and in Season 10, she becomes pregnant with a boy, that they name after Danny Michael Jr.
  • Robert Buckley as Mason Trueman, a detective at the Sacremento Police Department in California, the boyfriend, later the husband, of SSA Krista Grayson, and the father of their child, Matt. Krista originally wanted to keep their relationship from the others, but told them, seeing that Mason felt neglected. Krista became pregnant and gave birth in Season 6, and they then got married in Season 7.
  • Kristin Kreuk as Gabriella "Gabe" Michaels, Danny's older sister, and an FBI Special Agent, raised on a farm and abused alongside her brother by their father, who was arrested for serial killings, which left her to raise her brother, who joins the FBI Academy to follow in her footsteps. After Danny was murdered, she took a long-term leave of absense from work.
  • Jill Wagner as Monica Stace, SSA Rhode's ex-wife and mother to his son, Eli, who divorced him after years of being tired of his work taking a majority of his time, but they did do on good terms and still remain in conctact, and she has no problem with letting Rhodes see Eli whenever he wants too.
  • G. Hannelius as Alexandra "Alex" Grayson, Krista's niece, who was taken in and cared for by Krista, after her parents died in 9/11, when she was young. Introduced in season 2 when she is junior in High School, she is also best friends with Russ' sister, Melanie.


Season 1

The first season of Criminal Minds: Worldwide begins in the year of 2016 from March 2 to the sixth of July and with main characters being Senior SSA Coulson (Kevin Costner), SSA Rhodes (Tom Welling), SSA Winters(Cristin Milioti), SSA Grayson (Elena Satine) Dr. Ryan (Dylan O'Brien), tech analyst Ellie Simons (Allison Mack), and FBI Cadet Ashley Danvers (Sammi Hanratty).

Title Description
Pilot The Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI in California are called in to investigate when another dead woman from the U.S. is found in an empty car at the Canadian border. When Senior SSA Jonathan Coulson discovers that the latest body is a friend from his past, he delays his retirement to assist in the case to help find the unsub
Futbol The BAU are called to the case when a Brazilian Soccer team is kidnapped after arriving in the United States for a Soccer tournament, but when half the team is found dead, the BAU races to find the other half and the unsub.
Mirror Image The BAU must get to the bottom of things when a seriel killer that they just put away themselves is seen continuing seriel killings once again, and learn that he has a twin brother.
Once Fooled On April 1, or April Fool's Day, in Cheyanne, Wyoming a psychotic man begins pulling deadly pranks that lead to murder of several people, so the BAU team is called down to handle the case.
Vigilance The BAU travels to New York City to investigate a series of murders commited by a self-claimed vigilante, "Street Justice", who is exacting revenge on criminals that have been released by the justice system, but the team is not helped when local press begins praising Street Justice.
Always Watching While Coulson and Russ go to Las Angelas to give a profiling seminar to the local police, Russ connects with old High School friends, including a now famous actress, Daisy Miller, but when Daisy's stalker recently proves to be murderous, the BAU are called in to find the stalker. As Russ watches over Daisy, the two begin to create a romantic bond.
Immigration The BAU team profile an unsub that is kidnapping illegal immigrants recently arriving in the United States and killing them off one by one. Meanwhile, the team celebrates the Fourth of July together.
Avalon: Part 1 Each member of the BAU goes on seperate vacations, but while enjoying their time off, they are each sent a different clue to a recent murder case that follows an execution in the Arthurian Legend, and now set out to stop their most dangerous foe yet.

Season 2

Title Description
Avalon: Part 2 The BAU must put together a series of clues to a murder replicating the Arthurian Legend in order to stop the Unsub, who challenges the team to save his latest victim before it becomes too late.
Remaining Vigilant When a seriel killer who believes himself to be the sidekick of the "vigilante" known as "Street Justice", who was put away by the BAU a year ago, and now sets out to start his own justice system, leaving the BAU to put him away.
Legacy of Coulson SSA Coulson requests the help of his team, when a seriel killer from his first case kidnaps his wife. During the case, Coulson recaps the first time he went up against this killer. After stopping him and saving his wife, Coulson officially retires and leaves Sacremento.

Season 3

Title Description
Doubt of Content In Flagstaff, Arizona, the BAU shuts down a local college campus in order to profile an unsub that is targeting brunette college girls. Meanwhile, the team continues to cope without Coulson, and Ryan finds a letter to him from Coulson.
Lost in Time When multiple bodies are found throughout North and South Dakota inside time capsules buried in the 80s, the BAU are called to the case and must profile a killer from 30 years ago. Meanwhile, the BAU team gets help from a young FBI cadet, Danny Michaels.
Mommy Dearess The BAU profile a female unsub that killed a married couple and kidnapped their children to raise as her own in order to cope with the loss of her own kids. Meanwhile, young cadet, Danny Michaels, requests for his training to be finished with the BAU.
Message of Death Each member of the BAU team, except Ashley, is targeted by a different psychopathic criminal, and find coded messages left for the criminals telling them to attack a certain BAU member, and set out to find another Unsub. Meanwhile, Ashley is lead to shocking conclusions after a recent blackout and when she finds that the messages match her handwriting.
Two Wholes of One Half The BAU believes that they caught a pair of seriel killers, but learn that they are actually in a team of four, and must now rush to stop the others before more victims appear. Meanwhile, Ashley begins to have blackouts.
Mutilations and Complications The BAU team travels to Virginia to assist in the investigation of a series of mutiliations that mimic murders from two decades ago, and must now interview the only surviver to find the unsub. Meanwhile, Ashley begins getting a strange feeling before blacking out again.
Riddled During the middle of the night, Winters recieves a panicking call from Ashley, who tells her that she doesn't know where she is or how she got there, with a bleeding leg, and that she believes someone is there with her. Now the BAU team race to find her before it's too late.
Push and Pull Days after disappearing from the Hospital, Ashley arrives at the FBI Headquarters and claims not to have any memory of what happened or what she's been doing, but when they find blueprints and explosives in her bag, they race to find a bomb she unknowingly planted, only for Ryan to realize that Ashley is not herself. The rest of the team find an unconscious Ryan and an injured Ashley.
Lose Your Mind After recent events, Ashley locks herself up in an asylum to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone ever again, as begins seeing flashes from her blackouts. Meanwhile, the team looks into her past and see that her recent brain scans prove that she's developed a recently awoken personality that only wants to cause chaos.
Danvers After escaping, Ashley's split personality takes over once again, but before blacking out, Ashley warns the team to do whatever it takes to stop her, but the team is reluctant to kill their friend and teammate, as Russ and Gordon are determined to find another way. In the end, she is put inside a psychiatric facility