When Harry Brown arrives in an city named Walter city,He and his family he helps out get throwen into debt and drugs.From kidnapping Vera Morrison and killing cop Manny turnison,Will Harry ever find peace.


Harry Brown Harry is returning from viceing city to Walter city so he can find his old friend who betrayed him during the war.

Katie Nickson Harry's girlfriend later in the story.Katie disapproves of Harry's lifestyle and wants to get married.

Bruce Nickson Katie's brother.Bruce is an drug dealer and tells Harry to help his family out of dept.

Noel Wikison Harry's old friend who betrayed Harry during the war.Is belived to be in Walter city.

Danny Nickson Katie and Bruce's older brother.Is throwen in jail and asks Harry to kidnap Vera Morrison.

Brian Nickson Katie's older brother.He asks Harry to kill cop Manny turnison.

Michelle Nickson Katie's mother.Michelle is an old woman and only asks Harry to get Katie out from an shootout.

Frank Morrison Leader of the Morrison family and is rival to the Nickson's.Is Father of Vera Morrison.

Brad Morrison Brother of Frank Morrison.Stole some dimonds that belonged to the Nickson's and his niece was kidnapped for this.

Vera Morrison Daughter of Frank Morrison.Was kidnapped in exchange from some dimonds.

Ian Prince Vera's gay friend.Helps the Morrison's to get Vera back.

Andy Lopez Ian's bodyguard.Trys to persuade Ian not to find Vera as she is an 'slut'

Manny Turnison An cop.Brian asks Harry to kill him as he could get Danny in jail.This happens anyway.

Jessica Yorn Harry's ex.Jessica was an undercover cop and Harry is forced to kill her.

Elizabeth Porrison Drugdealer who is an frend of Bruce.Is arrested for assaulted and gets an life sentence.

Ryan Porrison Elizabeth's brother.Is caged for life when he kills two police men.

Mallorie Nickson Secret sister of the Nickson's.Is murdered by Frank and the Nicksons discover her real identity.

Steven gladson an loan shark.Steven tried to kill Katie and Harry murdered him.

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