Cretaceous Park
Cretaceous Park is a theme park and safari park located in Sacramento, California. It contains various live animals created by SciiFii that ranges from dinosaurs (including birds), to crocodylomorphs (crocodilians and relatives), to pterosaurs, to marine reptiles, to mesozoic mammals, and among others. It is very similar in concept to the fictional Jurassic Park and/or Jurassic World, but Cretaceous Park cares about its animals (not just money or people), and has progressed the animals' needs (such as the amount of space needed, the right kind of food, etc), the animals are meant to be scientifically accurate, being up-to-date, unlike the highly-outdated-looking dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other reptiles shown from the Jurassic Park/World films. The park is also very similar in layout to both San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo: Safari Park.

List of Sections of Cretaceous Park

  • Expanded Mesozoic - This section of the park contains species that could have naturally evolved if the K-T mass extinction never happened, such as Lumbers, Gracile Sauropods, Turtosaurs, Rajaphants, Coneaters, Monocorns, and among others. There is also a walkthrough exhibit featuring a petting zoo that consists of speculative dinosaurs.
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