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Crepuscul is a legendary Zedylrian Steel blade once wielded by a legendary narkpior vampire lord named Dralghon Amurgine, founder of the former Amurgine dynasty and first emperor of the city and now-defunct empire of the same name. It is now wielded by his descendant, Adelaide "Zelda VI" Corvinus, Queen Regnant of the Kingdom of Ardeal, Sovereign Empress of the Realm of Vampires, and abjaksan of Eurodon.


At least 2600 years before Adelaide Corvinus' time, Crepuscul was, according to legend, forged by Erudor, the demigod son of Rafiscus, the Vampiric God of Blacksmiths, at the behest of the Nosfyritus, God of Night & Shadows and King of the Vampiric Gods, so that one vampire would have the power to end the Vampire Clan Wars raging across Eurodon at the time, and bring about a united Vampiric nation.

One hundred years after Crepuscul's creation, one night while Dralghon Amurgine, then leader of the Amurgine clan, was sleeping in his camp, Rafiscus, sensing Dralghon's good heart, called to him in his dreams and led him to the Temple of Nosferatu, in the corner of a small village that would become the city of Zatyzrik. There, Dralghon found Crepuscul stuck in a large boulder. Several of his retainers, out of concern for their clan-leader's safety, tried to pull the sword out, but none could. After his men had finished, Dralghon then gripped Crepuscul and pulled it from the stone with ease, as if it wasn't stuck at all, discovering that only he was chosen to pull the sword from it's resting place. Nosferatu himself then mentally conversed with Dralghon, and the young clan-leader then understood what he needed to do; unite the vampiric clans under one banner.

With the sword in hand, Dralghon defeated the warlords that plagued the Vampiric homelands of Eurodon, uniting them under what became the Amurgine Empire, with the newly-founded City of Zatyzrik as the capital. He also used the blade to do in all the evils that were manipulating the wars from behind the scenes. Near his final days, Dralghon returned Crepuscul to it's stone in the Temple of Nosferatu to await when the next worthy one plucked it from it's resting place. Over the ensuing centuries many rulers and warriors tried to remove the sword from the pedestal, but none were able.

Approximately 2500 years later, (during which twelve different vampiric dynasties ruled Zatyzrik, and the successor Kingdom of Ardeal) near the end of the year 4541PCZ, Adelaide Corvinus made a brief return to Ardeal from the Great Northern Aquilonis War. Adelaide had been filled with doubts about her worthiness of the crown and throne, and so was brought to the sword to prove to her she deserved her title. While Adelaide was hesitant, she relented and, to her astonishment, pulled Crepuscul from it's stone, proving to her that she deserved to be queen. The sword has been in Adelaide's possession ever since.

Powers & Abilities

Crepuscul can only be properly wielded by one who is pure of heart. In the hands of one not chosen, the sword is an ordinary, yet still indestructible, blade that is much heavier that it would be ordinarily. Being a descendant of Dralghon Amurgine is not a requirement to wield it, but it is if one want's to unlock its full potential.

In the hands of the chosen one, the blade becomes a magical weapon, is capable of cutting through solid stone and iron as if they were paper, and push or break faraway targets through a release of energy with a meaningful swing.

While in it's pedestal, the sword is firmly stuck and cannot be removed by any but the most worthy and pure of heart. Hence, the sword has only been removed from its stone twice; first by Dralghon I Amurgine, and then again by his descendant, Adelaide "Zelda VI" Corvinus, two and a half millenniums later.

Being a weapon forged by a demigod, as well as Zedylrian Steel, Crepuscul is also immune to the passage of time. So even by the time Adelaide retrieved it from the pedestal, the blade never dulled. Being made of Zedylrian Steel, the blade is also indestructible, capable of taking on even the hardest of materials without breaking. Crepuscul is also capable of deflecting spells, as Zedylrian Steel is magic-resistant. Crepuscul is also blessed with a permanent heat-resistance charm, rendering it immune to intense heat, even dragon fire, so that it can never be melted down and reforged into another object; this makes it unique from normal Zedylrian Steel, as the metal usually just has a very high melting point.

It is also worth noting, that no matter if the sword is in or out of the stone, the blade is a blessed object that evil may never touch. If someone with an impure heart tried to touch it, their hands, or any part that touched the sword, would be severely burned; while those who are truly evil would be incinerated to ashes.


  • The Crepuscul was inspired by Excalibur from Arthurian Legend, the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda Series, and the sword briefly wielded by Taran in The Black Cauldron film.
  • Crepuscul is the Romanian version of the Latin word "Crepusculo", both of which mean "Twilight".