Voice Cast

Wayne Allwine   Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo   Donald Duck

Russi Taylor   Minnie Mouse

Tress MacNeille   Daisy Duck

Bill Farmer   Goofy, Sheriff of Nottingham

E.G. Daily   Louie Duck

Jeannie Elias   Huey Duck

Pamela Segall   Dewey Duck

Jim Cummings   Pete, Big Bad Wolf

Jonathan Freeman   Jafar

Gilbert Gottfried   Iago

Pat Caroll   Ursula

Kevin Michael Richardson   Prince John, King Triton

Corey Burton   Captain Hook, Zeus

Rod Roddy   Mike

April Winchell   Clarebelle Cow

Kelsey Grammer Stinky Pete

Michael Wallis Sheriff


"Things Are Not What They Appear (Pocahontas 2: Journey to the New World)" Huey, Dewey, and Louie


There is a background event of Stinky Pete being caught and carried away in handcuffs by Sheriff for "vile behavior". This is an allusion to a blooper involving him making suggestive remarks to Barbie dolls and promising them a role in Toy Story 3 that was deleted from recent rereleases of Toy Story 2 due to making light of an abusive practice in Hollywood called the "casting couch", and as a result of the movie's director, John Lasseter, being forced to resign by Disney as a result of behaving inappropriately with female employees.

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