Creepy Pasta
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Show's title card.
Genre Animated anthology horror
Creator(s) Lee Norris
Developer(s) Lee Norris
Presenter(s) Lee Norris
Voices of Various
Opening theme "Creepy Pasta" (Theme)
Ending theme "Anxiety of Solace"
Country of origin US
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 150+
Producer(s) Kenneth Dumont
Executive producer(s) Poppy Livingston
Location Hollywood, California
Running time 30-60 minutes
Original channel The CC (Cartoon Comedy)
Picture format 480i
Original run January TBA, 2008 – Present

Creepy Pasta (TV series) was an American animated anthology horror TV series created by animator Lee Norris. It is his first TV show that he has ever created. The TV show is based on creepypastas, which have been descrived as "ghost stories from the Internet". Creepy Pasta aired on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), which at the time only aired animated comedies, hence the channel's name. It was notable for being the first animated show not be comedic (or even dramatic, which was also accepted) made for the channel. It got rave reviews, and was considered a hit in the channel along with My Weird School and the early seasons of Bobby Gibby's. Due to its positive reviews and popularity, it has lasted for almost 10 seasons and 200+ episodes.


The show is an anthology, with each episode being adapted from a creepypasta.

Voice cast

  • TBA as Jeff the Killer

Series overview

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Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 26 January 19, 2008 2009
2 26 2009 2010
3 26 2010 2011
4 26 2011 2012
5 26 2012 2013
6 26 2013 2014
7 26 2014 2015
8 26 2014 2015
9 26 2015 2016
10 26 2016 2017
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