Creepy Jenna
Background information
Feature films Alex and Tony
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Allison Janney, Sierra McCormick and Anna Kendrick
Performance model
Inspiration Creepy Connie (Jessie)
Honors and awards 8th place in WatchMojo's Top 10 Psychopaths in Kid's Movies and TV Shows
Character information
Full name Jenna Thompson
Other names Creepy Jenna (by everyone)
Personality Psychopathic, creepy and dimwitted
Appearance Brown hair & brown eyes
Birthday June 7, 1962
Occupation Businesswoman
Alignment Bad
Goal To marry Alex Fitzgerald
Shrink the earth to Maniuplate and Destroy.
Home Chicago
Allies Alex Fitzgerald and Maddie Fitzgerald (sometimes)
Minions Her robots minions known as Deathdriods
Enemies Lisa Fitzgerald, Alyssa Mendes, Alex Fitzgerald,Maddie Fitzgerald and others
Likes Stalking Alex Fitzgerald
Dislikes Being unfriended, betrayed and unkissed by Alex
Powers and abilities Electrokinesis
Weapons Gun
Fate Defeated by all heroes and sent to jail for life.
Quote "Alex, Alyssa, nice to see you again!"
"It can't be happening... All twenty-seven of the of the?!""

Jenna Thompson, also known as Creepy Jenna, is the secondary antagonist of Tom and Jerry 2 and the main antagonist of Tom and Jerry: The Final Chapter. She is the Main and Final Villain of the entire Tom and Jerry Live Action Series

Connie and Luke

Sierra McCormick as Young Jenna strangling a 15-year old Alex (Cameron Boyce)

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