Creepshow 5 is a horror supernatural animation\ re-action video film it star Danielle Panabaker, Kristyna Kohoutyna, Bella Sana, Christopher Allport, Tarman Velma, Velma Naniel, Stephan King, Christopher Wilder with Bella Swith and Kevin Dillon and more actress and actor

Episode of Plot

Mother's Day- a time of mothers day of year the mothers are happy to her son and daughters but there ghost in the tower castle of house is a haunted house castle

Truckman- one day the driver was died in 2007 years and turn into monster Jack (Kevin Dillon) was tired to escape

Revenge- all the people are revenge and killing now with massacre to the good person and human all now now now killing peoples not good

Dead Day- the person are all now give the r.i.p and turn into killers ghost


MOTHER'S DAY               Truckman                               Revenge

Bella Sana as Jacky               Kristyna Kohoutova as Kris      Tarman Velma as Carla

Bella Swith as Redy                      Christopher Wilder as Lark     Stephan King as Mr. Ferd

Christopher Allport as Devin            Kevin Dillon as Jack                Hanna Jacky as Naniely

Danielle Panabaker as Jacky         Mom Jordan Clarkson as Naniel      Deam Beam as June

Dead Day

Rowan Akinson as Mr. Bean

Yolanda Foster as Mrs. Oldy

Sarah Dunsworth as Eliza

Shannon Elizabeth as Feldma

Daniel Padilla as Dealine

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