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Template:Infobox CharacterCreek is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 animated film, The Wildens.


Not much is known about Creek's origins, he has a mother who seems to be as violent as he is, and he has been leading the wolf pack for years.

He attacked Snow Mountain and mauled all the rabbits years ago and was quickly defeated by the leader of the Wildens, Big Bear, with the power of the Deadly Mastiff Paw, and this further fueled the Wildens' need to protect the village by building the army with fake dog costumes which have proven to be working, as Creek and the rest of the wolf pack think they are actual soldiers.

After Big Bear accidentally adopts the young rabbit, Wallace, he quickly orders agents Riff and Skozz to trace him down and kidnap him, in order to get all the information they need to successfully raid Big Bear's army and get the rabbits.

Riff and Skozz are not as efficient as he would want them to be, as they fail twice to capture Wallace, by getting hurt the first try and capturing the greedy crocodile, Little Brother, who turns to be abusive, the second time by mistake.

However, Riff proves to be successful, as the whole wolf pack fails to aim correctly at Wallace when confronting him at Rock 'n' Roll Park, but only his dart hitting him. Skozz's dart gun malfunctions, until it fires a single dart upward, only to come down and hit Riff, knocking him unconscious.

After succeding at kidnapping Wallace, Creek begin questioning him, and thanks to the sleeping serum, Wallace reveals that the rabbits are actually the last survivors. Looking at the photos that Creek keeps on a wall on his office, he finds out that all the other soldiers, except Big Bear, are animals in costume. The Wildens then use the Deadly Mastiff Paw to throws Creek into Snow Mountain.

Afterwards, Creek is bitten by the tail by Little Brother. With Creek finally defeated, everyone cheers. Meanwhile, in New Yoek, the animals begin destroying all his voting posters to erase his evil memory.



Creek is a middle-aged wolf with sea-green eyes and blonde hair with streaks of grey shaped into a crown who dresses in a black business uniform.