Creatures From The Black Lagoon is a 2013 American Horror film written by Christopher Markus and directed by Joe Johnson starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ben Whishaw, Melissa Rauch, Jason Segel, Ben Savage, Jason Schwartzman, Kevin Hart, Marc John Jefferies, Cassie Scerbo and Richard Attenborough.

The film is a remake of the classic 1954 Jack Arnold Monster Movie which starred Richard Carlson, Julie Adams and Richard Denning.

The film follows the same plot as the original however features a larger story and characters which do not bear the names of the original 1954 film.

The film was shot aboard the small ocean liner GG 250 Roxy which was taken for a gruelling 14 month period out on the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the film was shot aboard a rocky island formation in the Pacific The Wild Park Trail and at Universal Orlando studios.

The film is scheduled for a March 21, 2013 theatrical release and was made on a budget of around $21 Million.

The film's ending credits contain a dedication to passed actors of the original Richard Carlson, Julie Adams and Richard Denning.

The film marks the second colloboration of actors Watson and Lerman, who had previously starred alongside each other in the successful 2012 Drama The Perks Of Being A Wallflower the adaption of the acclaimed book by Stephen Chblonsky who happened to have served as the director and writer of the film adaption.


The film begins with two fisherman brothers and the son of one.

Their boat's rudder is smashed by an unseen creature and the Uncle fisherman is pulled from the boat into the water.

Blood is then briefly seen and the father fisherman life-jackets his son telling him to swim towards the rock island not far from their boat yacht now.

The son tells his father he does not wish to leave him and after embracing his son in a hug is pulled by a horrible black hand down into the floor of the boat and twisted down.

Blood pours out from the whole onto his son who then briefly blinded by the blood falls overboard.

He then proceeds to swim to the rocky island runs into something and screams. Welcome aboard the S1 Wonder, a small cruise boat which sails to the rocky islands of the Pacific Ocean for promotion for tourists and wealthy benefictiaries.

Travel writer Alex Lauris (Jake Gyllenhaal) has boarded the infamous exploitation ship to get out to the Rocky Island the Black Lagoon to capture images of the never before settled island cremace and is sporting a large amount of his cash to pay off the ship's captain and crew to ensure he gets there.

Photographer Allison Norris (Emma Watson) and her slacker brother Alex (Logan Lerman) have boarded as Alex having got in trouble with the police is serving community service for his sister who got him off a two year jail sentence for stealing as she wishes like Alex Lauris to capture photos of the beautiful rocky islands of the Pacific.

Alex Lauris' agent Timothy Wallows (Ben Whishaw) is along for the ride and hoping to rip off Alex's to be captured pictures for his own benefit.

Along on the cruise of tourist couple Jane (Melissa Rauch) and James Callow (Jason Segel).

Pyromaniac and ship hand Ethan Bambridge (Ben Savage) sports along trying to make amends working hard on the boat to help the Captain who so generously helped him with addiction for fire starting.

Other ship hand Rocky Stafford (Kevin Hart) has taken his brother Jonesy (Marc John Jefferies) onto the boat to show him the ropes as he wishes to one day take up a career as a deck hand like his brother aboard the S1.

Media Mogul Narciss Suss (Jason Schwartzman) is aboard to exploit the cruise as just another try hard tourist attraction and Jonesy' supportive model girlfriend Alice Peterson (Cassie Scerbo) has been dragged along onto the cruise by her boyfriend despite her dislike of the boat and the Pacific.

The Captain (Richard Attenborough) after being payed by Alex Lauris to take them specifically to the rocky island the Black Lagoon runs them into a collision course of trouble as come nightfall their boat is struck by an underwater force of incredible strength which leads the boat to be damaged and be stuck on the rocky shore of Black Lagoon.

The marooned crew and patrons of the S1 Wonder then find themselves not to be alone and that no mere shark or standard large animal is responsible for the destruction of the boat and them being shipwrecked on the large rock island of Black Lagoon.

The Captain informs them of the five day solar eclipse to occur and their first day following the night of the shipwreck will be their only sunny day.

The group attempt to fix the boat and scavenge for what they can.

Alice Peterson refuses to aid in assisting helping the others blaming them and her boyfriend for everything that's happened telling Jonesy if it wasn't for him and the Captain who insisted they come check out this uncharted island they wouldn't be shipwrecked.

Jonesy comes to make amends with Alice and she is comforted by photographer Allison.

As the day is about to come to an end and the sun begins to set Allison's troublesome brother Alex is attacked by an unseen creature which beats him back and forth in a rocky chasm causing his face to become and bloody as well as his chest as he is clawed by the mysterious creature.

In a finish as the group hears Alex's moans of pain, most of them are distracted as a half seen creature comes aboard the wrecked S1 and attacks Alice, ultimately brutally killing her by twisting hert body around in mid-air after being hoisted up and snapping part of her head from her body.

As all apart from Alex Lauris and Allison come to the S1 to see the creature leap away into the water and look upon Alice's corpse, Alex Lauris and Allison come to see that Allison's brother Alex is no longer in the chasm he descended into and all that is left is a quantity of his bloody on the chasm walls and his sibling charm necklace which contains his sister Allison's name upon it.

Allison breaks down crying and is comforted by Travel Writer Alex just as Alex's agent Ethan comes to the scene.

Alex comes to help a crying Allison back to the shore where they see a broken down Jonesy be comforted by his deck hand brother as the Captain along with Media Mogul Narciss and James Callow cover Alice's corpse with a safety boat cover.

The group withdraw tents from the boat as shelter for the night.

Jonesy withdraws from his brother and the group.

We briefly see Alex Norris in a cave somewhere with the boy from the beginning of the film, Adam Neville (Laramie Eppler).

We then come back to the group settled down in their tents where Alex Lauris and Allison leave whilest the others are asleep to go and see if they can find her brother Alex.

They instead come across Jonesy who has snuck off to try and find the creature responsible for the killing of Alice.

They are attacked by a Creature which runs above the chasm they are in and begins to move swift and fast, throwing rocks down upon him.

One hits Allison in the leg and injures her causing her to collapse into Alex's arms and then throwing one down upon Jonesy which hits him in the head and sends him to the ground.

He begins to bleed out and finds him severely injured.

Alex helps bring back him and Allison to the camp where they discover the tents ablaze and trying to be put out.

Suddenly a large shape jumps down and knocks them back, revealing that there is more than one creature after them.

The second creature appears behind Alex, Allison and Jonesy.

It slices Alex Lauris across the back and Allison across the face knocking them down the rocky cliff.

Allison is rendered unconscious and Alex looks up yelling as Jonesy is killed as the creature above pierces his chest with its hand which it punches through him.

He then proceeds to drag his body away and the flames of the tents disappear as the second creature gashes James Callow on the back after he lunges in front of Jane which it was advancing upon.

The creature is injured by the Captain which spears it with a harpoon.

The creature then rushes off leaving blood to fall upon the ground.

The group then with the boat's first aid kits to tend to James and Allison.

James dies overnight whilest they are asleep and Jane is asleep by his side.

She wakes up to find him dead and breaks down running out into the water screaming for them to take her too and that she wants him back and just wants to go home with him.

She is comforted by a recovered Allison and Alex and taken back onto shore.

The group spends the blue day looking at each other and the Captain tells Allison and Alex Lauris after overhearing them talk whilest Alex is tending to her wounds about finding Allison's brother still.

He says that the blood it left behind will act as a trail leading all the way to the Creature's cave or cavern which would serve as they're dwelling.

Jane then interrupts and asks if he knows what are the creatures in question.

He states he doesn't know but tells they are fast, swift, possess incredible strength, intelligence and act as hunter gatherers, they are carnivores and intercept their prey after drawing it out and enjoy taunting their food.

Allison asks wether her brother would still be alive.

The Captain tells seeing that the blood quantity wasn't death substantial it is clear that the Creature which attacked him didn't kill but rather just collected him and took him back for later consumption and there may be the chance he's still alive and being saved for last.

He then tells that Alice's body has been taken from the ship.

Jane tells Allison and Alex that she's coming with them on the trail as she wants to kill the monsters which proceeded to kill her boyfriend James and announces that he had indeed before boarding the cruise proposed and shows the engagement ring she had been keeping in her pocket instead of on her finger.

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