Creation Is An American Historical Fiction/Survival/Drama/Action/Thiller Film Directed By Ang Lee. It Was Released On June 15, 2013.

Plot Synopsis

150 Million Seasons Ago, Before Mankind, The World Was At A Great War, Aku, The Velociraptor Must Save His Home And Go On A Mythic Quest To Find The Elemental Gods And Goddesses, Destroy The Dark Tribe Of Theropod Dinosaurs Who Caused The War, And Find A New Home For His Family.

Voice Cast

• Taye Diggs As Narrator

• Djimon Hounsou As Aku, A Velociraptor And The Main Protagonist, He Has The Brains And Strength To Defend His Pack And Become The Alpha Raptor

• Alexa GyÖrgy As Zola, One Of The Siblings Of Aku

• Scarlett Johansson As Ewata, A Female Velociraptor And Aku's Mate

• Spencer Drever As Amare, Another Velociraptor Sibling, The Name Means "One Who Builds" In African

• Willem Dafoe As Ghar, A Scarred And Red Eyed Spinosaurus And The Leader Of The Dark Tribe Of Theropods, He Is The Main Villain Of The Film

• Vera Farmiga As Bhisha, The Velociraptor Elder

• Robert Capron As Tark, The Eldest Sibling In Aku's Family, A Brave Hunter Who Leads His Own Hunting Parties

• Maurice Barthélémy As Urbu, A Crazy Majungasaurus And Member Of The Dark Tribe Of Theropods

• Nazanin Boniadi As Bhodli, A Female Spinosaurus And Also Part Of The Dark Tribe

• Brenton Thwaites As Ozo, A Greedy And Hungry Oviraptor, He Is Also A Member Of The Dark Tribe Before Being Killed During The Final Battle

• Charles Martinet As Nok, A Smilodon Who Helps Aku

• Raj Patel As Ato, A Juvenile Avaceratops

• Olivia Rodrigo As K'iin, Ato's Sister

• Tim Pigott-Smith As Aguul, A Scarred Allosaurus And Member Of The Dark Tribe

• Carrie-Anne Moss As Sani, Ato And K'iin's Mother


PG-13 For Scary Or Intense Images, Violence, And Mild Blood And Gore.

Prehistoric Creatures And Other Beasts That Appear

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