Create, Decimate, properly titled The Chronicles of Machine, Chapter II: Create, Decimate is the second album from American metal band Transgress, released on May 1, 1996 via Candelbra Records. It features Vince DeSano's elder brother Mike "Buffalo" DeSano of Eden Havok and Bleed the Pain performing vocals on the song "Mechanachronistic", notably in between his two tenures with Eden Havok. The album as rendered the band their first tour, which has gone on in the same fashion eversince, featuring a theatric show that has met with large acclaim. It is preceded by 1994's Innerve and is followed by 1998's Iron Blood.


Create, Decimate sees some lyrical events concluded on from Innerve, the preceding album, and takes place chronologically 50 years after the events in Innerve:

  • "Bifurcation" is a song with violent subject matter, that sees a scientist in the fictional futuristic Transgress-world dabble with an attempt to "improve" the mechanical beings, but he ends up being brutally slain in the process.
  • "Mechanachronistic" is another origin story of the mechanical beings; where they begin to show signs of superior intelligence to humanity. This song features guest vocals from Vince DeSano's elder brother Mike "Buffalo" DeSano in the chorus and intro.
  • "Necropolice" tells of a sinister area below the fictional futuristic city where thousands of dead bodies like; and where the macabre Necro Police patrol the area and destroy rogue mechanical beings who recycle the corpses for nutrients.
  • "Invasion of Your Mind Part III: Progression" is a continuation and resolvent from the Invasion of Your Mind songs off Innerve. The man has become fully invaded by the parasite and is being contained by the government in the future. He is subsequently destroyed when the government feel that the mechanical beings are of more interest and benefit from study.
  • "Petroleum Tears" A lone mechanical being; called Vercium, laments on his outcasting and suffering on the sub-streets of the future. This is the first time a truly benign mechanical being is shown.
  • "Rise of the Mechanis" The mechanical beings are finally named, and an uprising is staged; causing widespread chaos. The leaders of the futuristic world are all destroyed by the Mechanis, and it seems another invasion is bound.
  • "An Uncertain Future" Aided by the few benign Mechanis, humanity flees underground as the iron terror reigns above.

Track listing

  1. "Bifurcation" - 6:00
  2. "Mechanachronistic" (featuring Mike "Buffalo" DeSano) - 7:45
  3. "Necropolice" - 3:55
  4. "Invasion of Your Mind Part III: Progression" - 8:02
  5. "Petroleum Tears" - 5:00
  6. "Rise of the Mechanis" - 7:14
  7. "An Uncertain Future" - 8:00
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