Crazy Dogs is an American CGI sitcom that is owned and distributed by LeapFrog. It was aired on April 3, 2016 on LeapFrog Kids, LeapNetwork and TBS. The show is rated TV-PG-DLSV.

The show has a total of 39 seasons and 783 episodes.


Crazy Dogs is known to be the most popular show in the LeapFrog property. The company stated they would not end the show because of its popularity.

A spin-off show of Crazy Dogs called, "Crazy Cats" was made and aired in 2019 on LeapFrog Kids. It is rated TV-Y7-FV.

The pilot of Crazy Dogs was made and was released on LeapFrog's YouTube channel in 2014. The pilot has reached more than 9 billion views.

Crazy Dogs reached its 400th episode on September 22, 2019. After its special 400th episode airing, LeapFrog announced they would make Flip Video cameras (Crazy Dogs edition) with stickers of its characters depending on which design it comes in. It would be sold all across the United States, United Kingdom and France. More countries had also earned the product when the show hits its 500th episode. The show's popularity reached from 500 trillion viewers to 80 septillion viewers after the episode's airing.

Content rating

TV-PG: Contains mild sexual content, mild language, mild violence and dialogue.

D (Dialogue): Contains dialogue, 2 or more characters talking at the same time.

L (Language): Contains language, mild language words include "crap", "stupid", "idiot", "doofus", "noob", "freaking", "fricking", "frick", "shut up", "heck", "shut your mouth", "shut your freaking mouth", "shut it", "shut the frick up", "goddang", "ast (mild word for "a**")", "butt", "fudge", "crud", "goddangit", "darn", "darnit", "goddarn", "goddarnit", "gosh", "goshdarn", "goshdarnit", "goddarn", "goddarnit" "Jesus Christ", "geez", "gee whiz", "flip", "what the flip", "what the fricking flip", "what the what", "shoot", "hell", "damn", "nitta (mild word of n***a)", "buttface", "loser". Two adult language words were accepted.

S (sexual content): Contains sexual content. Only minimal. Characters shown peeing or pooping without showing character's privates.

V (violence): Contains violence. Only minimal. Shows characters being beat up, little blood foaming, hitted/kicked/punched/slapped/thrown objects in body parts (even face). Explosions, fire and other mild dangerous actions occuring. Violence shown like that was accepted.

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