a Remake of Crash of the Titans.


Main good Guys

  1. Crash Bandicoot (Playable Character)
  2. Coco Bandicoot
  3. Grasser The Grass Mask
  4. Crunch Bandicoot
  5. Yiktopus


  1. Dr.Neo Cortex
  2. Nina Cortex
  3. Dr N Gin
  4. Ripper Roo
  5. Uka Uka
  6. Molxas Tasmanian Devil Mutant

Bossess (All in Order)

  1. Molxas Tasmanian Devil Mutant
  2. Ripper Roo
  3. Jack O Mutant Flydille
  4. Uka Uka
  5. Dr. Neo cortex
  6. Dr. N Gin
  7. Nina Cortex
  8. Nina Cortex (In Her Robot Giant Spider Armor Suit)
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