Crash Talks is a Crash Bandicoot video game that was released on PlayStation 2,Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube in 2004 shortly after Crash Twinsanity was created,that game takes place a little while after the previous game and involves the main character Crash Bandicoot talking in full sentenses.


The game takes place 4 months after Crash Twinsanity,Crash,Coco and Crunch are relaxing in N.Sanity island until Dr.Cortex and Nina capture all three of them and take them to his new evil lab on N.Sanity island,Cortex finally builds a machine that game make Crash turn back into a normal Bandicoot,Coco tries to tell Crash how he can escape but Cortex uses his Non-Talking ray and tries to shoot it at Coco so he can't tell Crash how to escape,but the beam of the Non-Talking ray accidentally hits Crash instead which gives Crash the ability to talk,Cortex's non-Talk ray is now destroyed but he does know where he can find one,after going through 9 different zones Cortex finds out that he discovered an island that can make Crash not talk anymore the day before he created Crash so Crash,Cortex,Coco,Crunch and Nina go back in time to find that machine.



  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Dr.Neo Cortex
  • Coco Bandicoot
  • Nina Cortex
  • Crunch Bandicoot


N.Sanity Island

  1. Cortex's Lab
  2. Jungle Island
  3. Worm Fest
  4. Papu Party
  5. Papu Panic Boss:Papu Papu

Cortex Castle

  1. Getting Inside
  2. Lava Land
  3. Nina Sitting
  4. Chair Surfing (Humiliskate Level)
  5. Crunch Time Boss:Crunch Bandicoot
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