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Crash Bandicoot is a French-American computer animated children's television series, produced by OuiDo! Productions and Vicarious Visions. Based on the Crash Bandicoot video game franchise created by Naughty Dog, the series is the first animated television series based on the franchise.

The series premiered in January 2017. The Crash game which the series is based on is Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy which is evident by the similarities of the animation used in the game's cutscenes and the animation used in the TV series, character designs are also taken directly from the previously mentioned game.


Crash, Coco and Aku Aku reside on N. Sanity Island as they attempt to thwart the many evil schemes of Doctor Neo Cortex and his minions.


Crash Bandicoot made its worldwide debut on Cartoon Network on January 4th 2017. 51 episodes have been ordered for Season 1 and they will all air on Cartoon Network throughout 2017.


  • Crash Bandicoot (Voiced by Jess Harnell) is an eastern barred bandicoot who was genetically enhanced by Doctor Neo Cortex and soon escaped from Cortex's castle after a failed experiment in the "Cortex Vortex". Crash acts as the opposition against Cortex and his schemes for world domination. While Crash has a number of offensive maneuvers at his disposal, his most distinctive technique is one in which he spins like a tornado at high speeds and knocks away almost anything that he strikes.
  • Aku Aku (Voiced by Greg Eagles) is the guardian of the Wumpa Islands and the father figure of Crash Bandicoot and his friends. Aku Aku is the spirit of an ancient witch doctor encased in a floating, wooden mask. During Crash's missions to stop Doctor Cortex, he scattered copies of himself throughout the travels in an effort to aid him in his mission.
  • Coco Bandicoot (Voiced by Debi Derryberry) is the younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. Just as her older brother, she was genetically engineered through the use of Doctor Neo Cortex's and Doctor Nitrus Brio's Evolvo-Ray. Coco's most notable trait is her high intelligence; her intelligence quotient is said to be as much as 164. Like her brother, Coco has a heroic personality and a fearless nature, as she is willing to take any chance to help her family save the world from evil, unafraid of making mistakes.
  • Doctor Neo Cortex (Voiced by Lex Lang) is a mad scientist and terrorist who seeks to achieve world domination as an act of vengeance for the ridicule he has suffered in the past. Hoping to achieve this by mutating the local animals into his soldiers, he eventually creates Crash Bandicoot but soon rejects him as unworthy of being in his army and removes him from his castle. As Cortex's actions endanger the sanctity of N. Sanity Island, Cortex's plans for world domination are often hampered by Crash along with other characters. Crash's constant interference has made eliminating Crash one of Cortex's top priorities along with world domination.
  • Doctor N. Gin (Voiced by Nolan North) is an insane cyborg lackey who is known for giving assistance to Doctor Neo Cortex. As a child, N. Gin was a classmate of Neo Cortex and Nitrus Brio in Madame Amberley's Academy of Evil. N. Gin went on to become a world-renowned physicist in the defence industry. However, due to a budget cut, one of his missile projects ended up faulty and, as a result, went awry, lodging itself into N. Gin's head. With his intellect, N. Gin was able to stabilize the weapon and reconstruct it as a life support system at the cost of his sanity. Because the missile is still live, it activates whenever N. Gin is stressed or angry, leaving him with a large headache. Shortly after the missile incident, Doctor N. Gin was taken in by Doctor Neo Cortex as his lackey.
  • Uka Uka (Voiced by Alex Fernandez) is a voodoo mask spirit who is the younger twin brother of Aku Aku, of whom he is the exact opposite. He is ultimately the driving force behind a massive evil plan, which he often uses to work with Doctor Neo Cortex and is frequently upset with Cortex for his failures. Uka Uka has a short temper and, as a result, is very impatient and he blames Cortex every time he fails.
  • Tiny Tiger (Voiced by John DiMaggio) is a Tasmanian tiger initially created by Doctor Nitrus Brio. He is often seen working for Doctor Neo Cortex. Tiny is essentially a carbon copy of his spiritual predecessor Koala Kong: incredibly powerful and muscular, but overall unintelligent.
  • Dingodile (Voiced by Nolan North) is a genetically enhanced combination between a dingo and a crocodile as he has a crocodile's body and tail, and characteristics of a dingo with an Australian accent. Dingodile is often equipped with a flamethrower, which is fueled by a large gas tank worn on his back. The flamethrower is occasionally traded for a water gun.
  • Doctor Nefarious Tropy (Voiced by Michael Ensign) is the self-proclaimed master of time and quantum warp technology. He is an old friend of Uka Uka, called upon by the latter to help take over the world. 
  • Doctor Nitrus Brio (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a scientist who formerly worked with Doctor Neo Cortex. Brio's loyalty has fluctuated throughout the past couple of years, he sometimes works on his own accord, other times he will be seen working by the side of Doctor Nefarious Tropy or sometimes he will even resort to returning to Cortex's side. 


At the time of the first episode airing on Cartoon Network, the show premiered #1 in it's time slot, gathering over 1.26 million viewers.