a Remake of Crash: Mind over Mutant a Sequel to Crash of The Titans (Remake).


Main Good Guys

  1. Crash Bandicoot (Playable Character)
  2. Grasser The Glass Elemental Mask
  3. Coco Bandicoot
  4. Crash Bandicoot Jr. (a Son of Crash, Age 16, & 1st Appeared in Crash Twinsantiny (Remake)) (Playable Character)


  1. Cylde Bandicoot (Final Boss)
  2. Dr.Neo Cortex (1st Boss)
  3. Tiny Tiger (2nt Boss, 4th Boss)
  4. Ripper Roo (3rd Boss)
  5. Fake Crash (5th Boss)
  6. N-Trance (6th-9th Boss)
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