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Crank 2: High Voltage (2020 film) Action-Thriller film 2020 sequel of Crank film.


  • Diego Arcia Sabariego as Chev "Chevy" Chelios; Jack's oldest son.
  • Emilito Hernandez as Young Chev Chelios
  • Daniela Jorge as Eve Lydon; Chev's girlfriend/Jared's first cousin.
  • Liudmila Ortiz as Eve's mother
  • Maikel Pascual as Eve's father
  • Andrew Smiley as Fred (mentioned only); he was deceased by Chev and because he's gay.
  • Diego "Jr" Pino as Cousin Jared Chelios; Chev's first cousin and Eve's cousin-friend.
  • Gilberto Crowe as Jack Chelios; Chev's deceased abusive father.
  • Eduardo Perez as John Tyson; main antagonist.
  • Eyleen Pino as Auntie Loreen (flashbacks); Chev's annoying aunt and Jared's cameo mother.
  • Dalila Jorge as Young Juile Lydon; Eve's sister and Chev's brother-in-law.
  • Yanet Swaby as Juile Lydon; Eve's sister and Chev's sister-in-law.
  • Tyson Tatum as Tyzonn "Ty" Crowe; Juile's boyfriend.
  • Albert Bodden as Benjamin "BJ" Crowe (Flashbacks); Tyzonn's deceased older brother.
  • Boliche Mya as Burt 'Maikel' Micheals; barber friend of Chev.