Crackerjack 2: Derailed is a 2013 American action film and remake of the 1997 film Hostage Train. It is a sequel to Crackerjack.


Katia Koslovska boards a train to Los Angeles from Denver which travels through the Colorado Rockies. Also on board the train are several wealthy businessmen. Meanwhile, international terrorist Hans Becker is broken out of prison during a transfer by a gang of thugs. They escape into the Rockies and jump on board the train during a stop that was set up by the engineer, who is in league with Becker. When Becker is recognized by some of the passengers and train officials, he is forced to take the passengers of the train, including Katia, hostage. Katia manages to contact her boyfriend, Jack 'Crackerjack' Wild, an LAPD cop, who commandeers a police chopper and sets out after the train.

Becker witnesses Jack's arrival and opens fire. Katia also witnesses the event and sees the helicopter burst into a ball of flames. Once she is out of view, she cries for the death of her boyfriend. However, Jack survives and manages to climb on board the train, where he begins to dispatch the terrorists one by one.

Soon, Becker realises that Jack is alive and tries to locate the person who contacted him, putting Katia in danger. Meanwhile, Jack contacts the LAPD and informs them that he stole the chopper and is currently dealing with a hostage crisis on board a train. The LAPD contacts the FBI and they set about trying to locate the train, which is by this point in dark territory.

The authorities eventually corner Becker and he agrees to release the majority of passengers, but keeps the crew with him to keep control of the train. Reluctantly, the officials agree to let Becker and his men escape on the train. Unbeknownst to everyone but Katia, Jack remains on board, intent on taking Becker down.

A second police chopper, a radio glitch having prevented it from learning of the current situation, tries to attack the train, enticing Becker to open fire. The chopper goes out of control but makes it a stretch ahead of the train before crashing into a bridge, blowing it out and placing the train on a surefire road to doom. Enraged, Becker murders the remaining crew and plans to leap from the moving train with his men, only for Jack to appear and take them on. The train reaches the gap and derails, leaving it dangling above a ravine. Jack climbs out of the wreck just as it falls, but Becker also pulls himself out and finds himself towering over the dangling Jack. However, Jack then stabs Becker with a knife and sends the villain over the edge. Becker clings to Jack for his life, but Jack coldly presses his boot against Becker's face and pushes him away, sending him into the ravine to his death. After climbing back up to safety, Jack is reunited with Katia.


Joseph Gordon Levitt - Jack 'Crackerjack' Wild

Olga Kurylenko - Katia Koslovska

Liev Schreiber - Hans Becker

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