Crackerjack is a 2011 American action film and a remake of the 1994 film of the same name.


LAPD officer Jack 'Crackerjack' Wild hunts down drug lord Tommy Sanchez and captures him, but Sanchez evades prison due to Jack's somewhat illegal methods. Enraged, Jack savagely beats a lowly street thug who harasses him on his way home one night. Hoping to prevent an episode, Jack's superiors sends him to the Craven Ski Resort to cool down.

Jack is at first unhappy about the forced vacation but goes along with it. At the resort, he meets masseuse Katia and they hit off. Jack finally begins to relax and his enjoy his time off.

Meanwhile, a mid-air diamond heist goes badly wrong and the briefcase containing the diamonds is lost in the white landscape. A skier discovers the briefcase and brings it back to the lodge with him, unsure of the contents. They decide to call the FBI, who will know how to best handle the situation. Just then, the criminals storm into the lodge and take it over. Jack, who had taken custody of the briefcase until the authorities arrive, escapes apprehension with it.

The criminal ring leader, Ivan Reinhold, soon realises that none of the hostages possess the case. Planning to massacre them and leave, he is distracted when one of his own men is found dead with a broken neck and a mocking note from Jack. Reinhold then orders that Jack be hunted down and killed, and the diamonds retrieved.

Meanwhile, the FBI learns of the failed robbery and Reinhold's disappearance into the snowy mountains and decide to investigate. Jack's boss at the LAPD also hears word of the possibility of a crisis at Craven. At the resort, Jack goes through Reinhold's thugs one by one. However, the villain then murders several innocent hostages, enticing Jack to finally surrender. The FBI arrive and Reinhold arranges to release the hostages in return for his escape via helicopter, one of which is being used by the FBI. Short on time, Reinhold orders that it be used for his escape. As the lodge is evacuated, Jack ignites a gas explosion and blows it up. The hostages escape safely but the helicopter is destroyed.

Reinhold tries to escape on a snow mobile, so Jack chases him and his men. He manages to leap onto one of the snow mobiles and knocks the thug off. Reinhold eventually crashes and runs into a nearby cave, where he and Jack have their final showdown. After a deadly wrestling match, Jack picks Reinhold up and impales him on a stalactite. He and Kaita are reunited afterwards and the diamonds are retrieved by the FBI. 


Joseph Gordon Levitt - Jack 'Crackerjack' Wild

Olga Kurylenko - Katia Koslovska

Robert Carlyle - Ivan Reinhold


The film was followed by Crackerjack 2:Derailed.

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