Crack in Time is a 2018 American science fantasy adventure film.


14-year old Katie Pine struggles to adjust to both her school and home life since her father Dr. Erik Pine disappeared 7 years ago.

During the night, Abigail and her younger brother, Seth, see a vision of a woman in white claiming to know where Dr. Pine is and telling them to go to an abandoned lab Dr Pine worked in. The next day, Abigail, Seth and their friend, Miles, go to the lab and find a time machine. The woman in white appears to them again and explain she's an AI created by Dr. Pine and that her body is actually a hologram projected by the machine. She transports them to Eden, a space station located in the distant past.

The kids meet Adam, a psychic, who shows them that Dr. Pine is trapped on Earth in the distant future which is under the control of an AI he and the woman in white created called Cain. Abigail finds an earlier version of the time machine in Eden which houses a past version of the woman in white who appears as a little girl. Despite the girl in white's objections, Abigail travels to Earth's future. Unable to transport Abigail back, the girl in white sends Miles and Seth after her.

They find everyone in the future is under Cain's control. They encounter Lucy. Lucy reveals herself as an android and injects nanomachines into Seth, putting him under the Cain's control. The kids escape from Lucy and locate Dr. Pine inside a facility with other humans held captive in simulators. Abigail and Miles go inside and find Dr. Pine who is living with a virtual version of his family. Abigail convinces Dr. Pine to leave the simulation with them but they are captured by machines that Seth summoned. Seth has them brought to the Entity who tries to take control of Abigail and Miles to make Dr. Pine tell it the location of the future version of the time machine that would allow Cain to "purify" the timeline. Dr. Pine also tells them that another reason he refuses to cooperate with Cain is because kills Abigail in the future. Miles manages to hack into the Entity's systems, allowing Abigail to travel into Seth's mind where she helps him fight Cain's influence.

Abigail, Miles, Seth and Dr. Pine locate the time period's version of the time machine, located in the remains of his old lab. Inside they find an aged woman in white. The group use the time machine to return home but are followed by Lucy who attacks in their house until Abigail destroys her.

In the future, the old woman in white makes contact with Cain and reveals herself to be named Lilith.


TBA as Woman in White; an AI Dr. Pine created.

  • TBA as Girl in White
  • TBA as Old Woman in White

TBA as Abigail Pine

TBA as Miles

TBA as Seth Pine; Abigail's younger brother.

TBA as Dr. Erik Pine; Abigail and Seth's father.

TBA as Adam

TBA as Lucy; an android created by Cain.

TBA as Cain; an AI Dr. Pine and the Woman in White created.

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