Crack-It Chaos (known by users as "C.I.C") is an action-adventure comedy fan-film created by CouyZ (talk). This film is Couy's version of Black Rhino Ranger's flash film Krack-It Kaos.


Chaos plays as the bad guy in his game. Distracting the guardians (who are Knuckles, Rouge, Bean, Ray and the Chaotix) from the egg by giving them ice cream (which is Sleep Flavor). He cracks the egg but was sealed again thanks to Seal-It Sonic. Suddenly, the egg shakes and Chaos falls off, revealing a giant Parrot.

The arcade then closed and every game character went to take a break. Chaos said "It sure must be nice being an awesome character." at the Bad Guy Anon. Other villains at the anon felt sorry for Chaos and congratulated him on his 30th anniversary. However, as Chaos announced that he didn't want to be a bad guy anymore, the other bad guys get shocked and tried to convince him to say who he is. After the Bad Guy Affirmation, they leave Stitch the Game (Chaos picked some Elvis CDs on the way) and head for Gaming Central Station.

One entering the station, Chaos was stopped by Smarty Echo. After checking him, Chaos heads for Seal-It Sonic. One the way, he sees some pets from Littlest Pet Shop, homeless due to their game unplugged. Chaos decides to give them an Elvis record to them. When he stepped in the Seal-It Sonic gateway, he was stopped again by Smarty Echo.

Chaos comes back home realizing he wasn't invited in his game's 30th anniversary party. This made him mad but he then comes for a visit. The guests were shocked to see him in the party. When the cake came in, Chaos unauthorizingly modifies the cake to make him look more welcome. Tails protested him about his modifications because he's a bad guy and will never get a medal. Chaos gets so angry, he destroyed the cake. He then leaves the party hoping to try and prove to them that he can be a hero. No one at the party took him seriously.

Chaos asks Moe in his Beer Tavern if he can get a medal. Moe suggests the lost and found section. While searching for a medal, he was bumped by Wallop, who was going nuts after his recent gaming experiance. Chaos wanted to join his team but Wallop refuses because it's only for the bravest (however a mantis them scared him until he lost consciousness). Chaos then put of his gear and headed for Skylanders: Trap Team.


Seal-It Sonic

  • Crack-It Chaos as Wreck-It Ralph
  • Knuckles, Rouge, Bean, Ray and Chaotix as the guardians
  • Seal-It Sonic as Fix-It Felix
  • Giant Parrot (OC)
  • Tails as Gene

Bad Guy Anon

  • Dr. Hamster
  • Darkrai
  • Leroy
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Black Tear (evil version of Taylor Swift with black eye ooze)
  • Radley Madish
  • Monster from BLYM
  • Alien from Halo
  • Wormy (Spongebob Squarepants)

Game Central Station

  • Stitch
  • Smarty Echo
  • BLYM
  • Fuennec
  • Steve
  • Creeper
  • Surly (The Nut Job)
  • Reggie (Free Birds)
  • Boomer (Papa Louie)
  • Robots (Portal 2)
  • Pets (Littlest Pet Shop)

Skylanders: Trap Team

  • Wallop
  • Spyro
  • Stealth Elf
  • Blast Zone
  • Wildfire
  • Food Fight

PokéPark Racing

  • Honoguma
  • Pikachu
  • Chikorita
  • Piplup
  • Charmander
  • Azurill
  • Turtwig
  • Chimchar
  • Eevee

Other Characters

  • Johnny Turbo as Turbo

In Moe's Beer Tavern

  • Moe (The Simpsons)
  • Mario
  • Ashura the Hedgehog
  • Taylor (Papa Louie)
  • Chuck (Papa Louie)
  • Happy (McDonald's)
  • Sailor Moon
  • Michelangelo (TMNT)
  • Mantis (Kung Fu Panda)

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