After Nick almost kills his grandparents with his teleknetic powers they send him, his brother and sister to the coven school in Salem. The school is so post to  to teach new witches and warlokcs how to use there powers and magic. When Nick, Bobby and Rayna arrive to the school they are attacked by severel people in cloacks and masks. Bitchy teacher Nina comes in and telekenticly uses her powers to slam the witches and warlocks aganast the walls. Headmistress Carrie comes in with her husband Kalus ande asks whats going on. She takes Nick, Bobby and Rayna around the school and get them setteled in tehre rooms.

Nick shares a room with sexy boy Joseph who can see the future like his girlfriend Gabriella.


Christian Hall as Nick

Sasha Petersie as Becca

Chole Grace Moretz as Gabriella

Gabriella Wilde as Nikki

Raven Symone as Quieenie

Kellan Lutz as Austin

Joseph Morgan as Sam

Joseph-Gordan Levitt as Kalus

Evan Peters as Joseph

Portia Doubleday as Rayna

Kate Melton as Ally

Judy Greer as Carrie

Denise Richards as Nina

Queen Laytifah as Britt

Jeremey Rener as Cory

Melissa McCarthy as Sally

Jessie Esenberg as Elijah

Andy Samberg as Jessie

Mare Winningham as Cordeila

Gray Damon as Bobby

Jason Bateman as Winkles

Haley McFarland as Velma

Jackson Rathbone as Uriah

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