64px Hey, mom. How do I look?
~ Courtney to her mother

Courtney Andigrow-Smith is the adopted 10-year-old daughter of Dave and Cass and the youngest sibling of the Smith family from the FamilyChoice original series, A Not-So-Ordinary Family.


Courtney was obsessed with kids shows and is the youngest sibling of the Smith family.



  • "Oh dear! My classmate is jealous about the new girl!" -Courtney talking to herself in "Jealous, Much?".
  • "I dare you to pee in the toilet in the dark!" -Courtney talking to Chris in "Truth or Whateves".
  • "Who cares? I'm going with Myra!" -Courtney talking to Elizabeth in "New Neighbors".
  • "Gotta get to the bottom of this!" -Courtney to herself in "The Big Race" during the obstacle course.
  • "October the 30th is All Hallows' Eve, ya moron!" -Courtney talking to Chris that October the 30th is All Hallows' Eve in "All Hallows' Dweeb".
  • "I love DIY crafts with Myra." -Courtney to Jessica in "New Neighbors".

Outfit Gallery

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  • Her favorite band was R5.
  • Her favorite singer was Cyndi Lauper.
  • Her favorite show was Sailor Moon.
  • Her favorite movie was Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.
  • Her favorite stores are The Children's Place, Justice, and American Eagle.
  • In Episode 14, it is revealed that she had a collection of dolls.
  • In Episode 2, she was obsessed with DIY crafts.
  • In Episode 11, her halloween costume was a vampire.
  • She lives in Canada.
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