Counter Strike is a 2014 Action Film and is the Film Remake of the Game Counter Strike also known as Half Life. An Group of Friends is held Hostage by an Group of Terrorist and The Counter Terrorist Millitary must save the Hostages before they were killed.


The Film opens with an Group of Friends (Samantha, Robert, Carl, Ken, Olivia, Jessica and Jonathan) are watching film until The Terrorist group opens the door and Hostage them. The Counter Terrorist Millitary gets a call from the Terrorists and Tells Them that they must saved the Hostages or They will kill them. The Counter Terrorist Leader Jake with His Girlfriend Ashley, Friend Mason, Bestfriends Madison and Jason rides on Helicopter and flys away. The Terrorist Leader Derek with his Girlfriend Crystal, Crystal's Bestfriend Danni, Josh, Nico and Greg hides when they see the Counter Terrorist's Helicopter.

Danni hides and gets Hostage Ken. Crystal and Derek goes and hides where they get Hostages Samantha and Olivia. The Other Hostages in Locked in an Room. Jake and the others gets Gun and Goes Inside the House.


Counter Terrorist

Ryan Merriman as Jake

Chelan Simmons as Ashley

Channing Tatum as Mason

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