Count Vadronea

Count Vadronea with his dead female human victim he had killed to suck her blood.

Count Vadronea is among the main antagonist in Dylan The Dylanus TV series, as in this series, vampires are depicted as pure evil blood-sucking immortal creatures of the night.


He is depicted as a 7 feet tall man-like being wearing Gothic clothing, although he looks like a human with shaggy blonde hair, he has blood-red eyes, pale skin, long black claw-like or talon-like finger nails, as well as having long cobra-like fangs. He is also about 1,700 years old.


Real World

Although Count Vadronea is defeated all the time by Dylan, Black, and Emma, he plans for world domination by attempting to turn all humans and dylanuses into vampires as he wanted the continuation of his kind. Every time, however, his plan was thwarted by the heroic Dylan, Black, and Emma.

Alternate History World

After he defeated Dylan, Black, and Emma, as well as turning them to vampires, in the alternate history world, Count Vadronea had finally succeeded in turning all humans and dylanuses into vampires, with Dylan, now known as Count Drake, being the future vampire ruler and Emma as his bride.

Where he lives in

In this series, Count Vadronea lives in Bran Castle in Transylvania, along with some other vampires.


Since he is immortal, he never dies and since he's already dead, he couldn't be killed by wooden/silver stakes, crosses, etc. He is currently alive.


  • His inability to die is inspired by Van Helsing 2004's Count Dracula and his inability to die (in the most part).
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